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Wilson S Geisler w.geisler at utexas.edu
Thu Mar 30 17:35:24 -04 2023

*NETI 2023*: *Last date for registration is April 16, 2023*

The Center for Perceptual Systems at the University of Texas at Austin is
hosting a workshop on "Natural Environments, Tasks and Intelligence"


Dates:  April 28 – 30, 2023 (Friday - Sunday)

Purpose:  Perceptual and motor systems must reflect the natural tasks the
organism performs as well as the properties of the natural environments in
which the organism performs those tasks. Thus, the aim of this workshop is
to stimulate research in "natural systems analysis," which consists of
several interrelated components: (i) identification and characterization of
natural tasks, (ii) measurement and analysis of natural scene statistics,
(iii) analysis of the computational requirements of natural tasks, (iv)
rigorous experimental study of neural and behavioral performance in natural

Organizers: Bill Geisler, Mary Hayhoe, and Eyal Seidemann


Dora Angelaki (NYU)

Carlos Brody (Princeton)

Daniel Butts (U Maryland)

Marlene Cohen (U Chicago)

Christine Constantinople (NYU)

Miguel Eckstein (UCSB)

Roland Fleming (Giessen U)

Josh Gold (U Penn)

Robbe Goris (UT Austin)

Kristen Grauman (UT Austin)

Talia Konkle (Harvard)

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte (Columbia)

Patrick Mineault (Xcorr Consulting)

Hendrikje Nieborg (NIH)

Daniel Osorio (U Sussex)

Nicholas Priebe (UT Austin)

Mike Shadlen (Columbia)

Dan Yamins (Stanford)

Greg Zelinsky (Stony Brook)

In addition to the oral presentations there will also be a poster session
Saturday afternoon. Potential attendees are encouraged to register in
advance as the size of the workshop will be restricted to foster
interaction among attendees.

Spring in Austin is a glorious time of year with wildflowers in bloom and
an average temperature ranging from 57 F (14 C) low to 79 F (26 C) high.
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