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Dear colleagues,

The PhD Program in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS) at the University of Rochester is currently accepting applications for Early Decision PhD admission. The Early Decision application deadline is June 26, 2023, with admission decisions made in July and August.

In addition, the Early Decision process allows applicants who already have a bachelor's degree to begin their PhD studies early. Early start dates are determined on a case-by-case basis and include Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. The standard start date is Fall 2024.

Application and program information can be found here: http://www.sas.rochester.edu/bcs/graduate/admission.html

The University of Rochester offers a unique environment to study visual perception. The BCS PhD program is closely integrated with the Center for Visual Science (CVS; www.cvs.rochester.edu<http://www.cvs.rochester.edu/>), an interdepartmental center with a long history of fundamental accomplishments in the field.  CVS is one of the oldest and largest centers dedicated to vision research: it is composed of 40+ vision science laboratories whose research spans psychophysical, optical, physiological, computational, anatomical, and clinical approaches to visual science. Students in the BCS PhD program have full access to CVS resources and facilities and will be able to follow a formal PhD concentration in Vision Science (pending NY state approval). Students are expected to be active participants in the vibrant academic lives of both BCS department and CVS.


Below is a list of vision research labs participating in early decision/admission. Faculty marked with ** will be available at the VSS 2023 meeting to connect with potential applicants and answer questions.

1. Duje Tadin** and Krystel Huxlin**, specifically for a project focusing on vision recovery in cortical blindness




2. Ralf Haefner**, for a project related to the neural implementation of approximate causal inference



3. Martina Poletti**, for a project examining the link between fixational eye movements, foveal anatomy and  visual acuity,  differences between foveal and extrafoveal processing, and high resolution control of attention in humans. Experimental techniques used include high-precision eyetracking, high-resolution retinal imaging, ERP and gaze-contingent-display control.



4. Michele Rucci** for two projects, both in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Victor** at Cornell University: (a) investigation of the principles underlying the establishment of spatial representations during normal eye movements: https://reporter.nih.gov/search/530JoUOHnES-Uq-RNu-qwg/project-details/10442064

(b) active vision in emmetropization and myopia: https://jov.arvojournals.org/article.aspx?articleid=2688651

Research will be conducted in the Active Perception Laboratory, a facility part of BCS and the Center for Visual Science that is uniquely equipped to study active vision: https://aplab.bcs.rochester.edu/index.html

5. Greg DeAngelis, for a project related to the neural control of steering https://reporter.nih.gov/search/JoLbrfcdaECJ2933s2eymg/project-details/10527799


6. Jude Mitchell, for a project related to the neural mechanisms of active vision during pre-saccadic target selection and post-saccadic foveal prediction in the marmoset visual cortex.  Please see our lab research page (https://marmolab.bcs.rochester.edu/research.html) and the summary for funded project: https://reporter.nih.gov/search/zX1hIpS5t06edG7-ueOE3Q/project-details/10236309

7. Ian Fiebelkorn, specifically for a project that will use optogenetics and neurophysiology to investigate functional specialization in the network that directs visual spatial attention.


8. Susana Marcos (in collaboration with Duje Tadin**), for projects investigating links between visual function and the optical properties of the eye, with specific areas of focus in myopia development and advanced optical corrections.


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