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I sent this posting from the VSS meeting, but it doesn't seem to have
appeared.  Did you receive it?-should it have come from this email rather
than max.snodderly at austin.utexas.edu?


Dear Colleagues,

While I am at the VSS meeting, I thought I would raise a question that might
interest some of the participants. I used to teach a lab course where
students did perceptual experiments on themselves. We used an anomaloscope
so that students did classical color matching. By sheer happenstance, one
student and the TA said that they had an identical twin and we asked the
twin of each to participate in the experiment, so we had two twin pairs. To
my surprise, the members of each twin pair would not accept each other's
color match, and they were adamant about it. It was true for both twin

It is possible that they were not monozygotic twins, and I did not follow up
on it.  I have always been curious whether this experiment has been done
properly with genetic verification, and whether someone might be interested
in following up on it.

If anyone at VSS would like to chat about it, send me an email, or you can
call me at 512-922-8777.

Best to everybody,


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