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Brojeshwar Bhowmick b.bhowmick at tcs.com
Sun Jul 2 01:06:16 -04 2023

TCS Confidential

TCS Confidential

Dear All,

There are post-doctoral or fulltime opportunities in our Visual Computing and Embodied Intelligence group at TCS Research<https://www.tcs.com/tcs-research>, India. These positions are for projects at the intersection of computer vision, graphics, and DL. With these projects, we aim to publish papers in top-tier computer vision and graphics conferences.

Some Sample Projects

            1.3D virtual trypon: Aim is to build a system to drape a 3D garment on a 3D human body and animate it according to the change in human poses.

            2. Digital human: In this project, we will primarily focus on the accurate estimation of 3D human body shape, pose and a high-quality expressive face estimation from video. 

            3. 3D Surface Reconstruction: Creating 3D mesh from a video for re-rendered reality and mirror 3D world

            4. Inverse Rendering for Physics Aware Augmented Reality : In this work, we aim to jointly estimate the albedo, normals, depth and 3D spatially-varying lighting from a set of images.

            5: Creating a metaverse framework for phygital experience: Here the physical and virtual space will become blur. While the virtual space corresponding to a physical space will be visualised by user the interaction on the physical space will be driven by a robotic avatar of the person.

Who can apply?:

  1.  Post-doc/Full-time: Recent Computer Science Ph.D.’s or candidates who have submitted or going to submit their thesis on computer vision, or graphics with good publications in the domain conferences (CVPR, ICCV, WACV, ECCV, BMVC, IJCAI, AAAI, NeurIPS, ICLR, Siggraphs etc or equivalent) etc. or journals (CVIU, PAMI, IJCV, Visual Computer, Neurocomputing etc. or equivalent) ,.

We are looking for candidates with the following skills:

Domain Skills:

  *   Computer Vision: 3D Reconstruction, Stereo Vision, Epipolar Geometry.
  *   Computer Graphics: Basic understanding of meshes, operations over 3D meshes, 3D neural rendering, inverse rendering.
  *   Deep Learning: Hands-on experience in training deep neural networks like ResNet’s, GAN’s, knowledge of graph neural networks
  *   Embodied Intelligence: Understanding of RL, Navigation, SLAM, Human-machine interaction

Technical Skills:

  *   Coding Language: Python (Primary), C++ (Basic), OpenGL
  *   Deep Learning Framework: PyTorch (Primary), Tensorflow (Basic)
  *   Tools:  Unity, Omniverse, MuJoCo etc.

Good interpersonal skills to communicate ideas, experimental results, and analysis with other team members.

Interested candidates can send their CV with the information that shows the required domain and technical skills. Send CVs to b.bhowmick at tcs.com<mailto:b.bhowmick at tcs.com> with the subject line “Research Opportunities at Visual Computing & Embodied Intelligence, TCS Research”.

Best Regards,

Dr. Brojeshwar Bhowmick,
Principal Scientist,
TCS Research
Cell:- 7044944788
Mailto: b.bhowmick at tcs.com
Website:  https://sites.google.com/view/brojeshwar/home

TCS Confidential

TCS Confidential
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