[visionlist] Hybrid Workshop "Cortical Prostheses - Interdisciplinary Research Towards Artificial Vision for the Blind" (September 19-22, 2023)

David Rotermund davrot at neuro.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jul 14 11:34:18 -04 2023

We would like to invite you to participate in our excellence workshop 
*‘Cortical Prostheses – Interdisciplinary Research Towards Artificial 
Vision for the Blind’*. It will take place *September 19-22, 2023 at the 
Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst (near Bremen, Germany)*.

As you might know quite well from your own experience, it is a huge 
problem to interface with the brain and to successfully introduce 
artificial, meaningful signals into on-going neural information 
processing. On the other hand, exciting possibilities in medical and 
fundamental research are waiting to be explored and to be realized. In 
particular, it becomes more and more obvious that making communication 
with the brain more efficient requires a much more profound 
understanding about 'normal' visual information processing in healthy 
subjects. This workshop will address major topics and challenges in this 

** Advances in neurotechnology**
*** Advances in the understanding of visual information processing**
*** Novel methods for combining theory and technology*

Our workshop will bring together experimentalists, technologists, 
medical scientists, and theoreticians who are the experts in getting 
meaningful signals into neuronal circuits actively engaged in 
information processing. Speakers include *Diego Ghezzi, Pieter 
Roelfsema, Eduardo Fernandez Jover, Bogdan Raducanu, Arto V. Nurmikko, 
Umut Guclu, Christopher Pack, Michael Herzog, Avi Caspi, Shelley I. 
Fried, Udo Ernst, Fabian Sinz, Carlos Ponce, Theo Doll, Ione Fine, 
Daniel Yoshor, Michael Beyeler, Björn Lüssem, Schander Andreas, Michael 
Schmid, and Dirk Jancke.**
There are two options for attending the workshop:

*a.) On-site at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst (limited 
number of available slots)*, allowing for in-depth discussions and 
presentation of your own work in a poster session. The registration fee 
is 100 Euros and covers participation and catering during the workshop. 
The deadline for registering for on-site participation is the Sunday, 
July 23rd. The registration is a two step process: You inform us that 
you are interested in registering via the webform on 
https://www.uni-bremen.de/i-see/hwk-workshop or via an email to 
ajanssen at neuro.uni-bremen.de. You will then be contacted by the HWK for 
finalizing the registration process.

b.) *Via Zoom at no cost*. You also need to register via the webform on 
https://www.uni-bremen.de/i-see/hwk-workshop, and we will send you your 
access code shortly before the start of the workshop.

For more details and information how register please visit:

Please feel free to forward the following information to anyone in or 
outside of your group who you think may be interested in attending our 


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