[visionlist] Watch our A Eye workshop via Zoom (September 19-22, 2023): 'Cortical Prostheses - Interdisciplinary Research Towards Artificial Vision for the Blind'

David Rotermund davrot at neuro.uni-bremen.de
Fri Sep 8 07:37:15 -04 2023

We would like to invite you to watch the talks of our workshop 'Cortical 
Prostheses - Interdisciplinary Research Towards Artificial Vision for 
the Blind'. It will take place from 19 to 22 September 2023.

If you are interested in watching the talks via Zoom (free of charge), 
please use the web form at


to register. In addition to the registration form, you will also find 
the abstracts of all the presentations and a provisional timetable 
(which is in German time) on the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Here is the list of scheduled talks:

Michael Beyeler
Human-in-the-Loop Optimization of Simulated Prosthetic Vision

Avi Caspi
Eye tracking in cortical visual prosthesis - from theory to practice

Gislin Dagnelie
Early functional outcomes for the first human with the Intracortical 
Visual Prosthesis (ICVP)

Theo Doll
Additively Fabricated Cortical Electrodes – a materials challenge

Udo Ernst
I-See - Evaluating novel approaches for constructing visual cortical 

Eduardo Fernandez Jover
Towards an advanced cortical visual neuroprosthesis based on 
intracortical microelectrodes

Ione Fine
Pulse trains to percepts: Using virtual patients to describe the 
perceptual effects of human visual cortical stimulation

Shelley I. Fried
Towards the development of a micro-coil based cortical visual prosthesis

Diego Ghezzi
High-density wide-area cortical visual prosthesis

Umut Guclu
Neural Coding and Neuroprosthetics with Deep Learning and Synthetic Reality

Michael Herzog
A psychophysical approach to object rendering in future V4 prostheses

Dirk Jancke
Probing electrical brain stimulation in genetically modified mice

Arto Nurmikko
Wireless Networks of Implanted Microchips for Distributed Cortical 
Sensing and Stimulation

Christopher Pack
Design considerations for an extrastriate visual cortical prosthetic

Carlos Ponce
Estimating the capacity of neuronal population encoding via image 

Bogdan Raducanu
Chips to neurons and back: electronic circuits for neural recording and 

Pieter Roelfsema
Visual perception and consciousness and their restoration when the eyes fail

Andreas Schander
Development of neural probes for chronic recording and electrical 

Michael Schmid
Influence of visual cortex stimulation on perception: Insights from 
experiments in non-human primates

Martin Schrimpf
Do Topographic ANNs Predict the Behavioral Effects of Neural 
Interventions in Primate IT Cortex?

Fabian Sinz
Exploring the Visual System with Functional Digital Twins and Inception 

Anna Wang Roe
A novel interface for cortical columnar neuromodulation with multi-point 
infrared neural stimulation

Daniel Yoshor
Implementing a Visual Cortical Prosthetic: Advances and Challenges

best wishes

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