[visionlist] PhD and postdoctoral position on visual perception, mental imagery and sensory sensitivity

Tessa van Leeuwen T.M.vanLeeuwen at tilburguniversity.edu
Wed Oct 11 10:20:26 -04 2023

Dear all,

I am hiring a PhD candidate and a postdoctoral researcher on the topics of mental imagery, sensory sensitivity, and their relation. The positions are at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands, on the NWO-funded project “Individual differences in subjective experience: The key to understanding perception”, a grant obtained within the Open Competition.

The general topic of the project:
Are you interested in visual perception research and would you like to study individual differences in mental imagery and sensory sensitivity? Then come join the Department of Communication and Cognition at Tilburg University. In this project, we will study individuals with perceptual extremes, for instance those with very strong mental imagery (hyperphantasia) and those without imagery (aphantasia), and individuals who experience high sensory processing sensitivity. We use these perceptual extremes to learn more about the integration of bottom-up sensory information and top-down predictions during perception.

The PhD position is for 4 years and fully funded.
The postdoctoral position is for 2 years, 0.8 fte.
Starting dates would ideally be early 2024.

For more information, please see the following links with details about the positions:

PhD: https://tiu.nu/21884
Postdoc: https://tiu.nu/21885

Thank you for spreading the word to any potentially interested candidates!

Kind regards,
Tessa van Leeuwen


Tessa M. van Leeuwen, PhD
Associate professor, Department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University
Academic Director Research Master Linguistics and Communication Sciences
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