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Alessandro Artusi a.artusi at cyens.org.cy
Thu Nov 9 04:46:50 -04 2023

Dear Moderator,

Could be possible to post the tutorial call of Eurographics 2024?

Here is the text (Thanks):

About Eurographics Conference 2024

The 45th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics will take place on April 22-26,2024 in Limassol, Cyprus. It is organized by CYENS Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology.

The Eurographics Annual Conference is one of the most highly anticipated events in the field of computer graphics and it is set to captivate researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. With its rich history of showcasing cutting-edge advancements and fostering collaboration, Eurographics continues to be at the forefront of driving innovation in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

The conference will provide a platform for leading experts, academics, and industry pioneers to share their latest research findings, exchange ideas, and explore emerging trends. Attendees can expect a diverse program featuring keynote speeches, paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials, covering a wide range of topics including computer animation, virtual reality, visual perception, rendering techniques, and more. It will offer an unparalleled opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and forge new collaborations.

EUROGRAPHICS 2024 will be hosted in the city of Limassol, which is in the heart of Cyprus, and offers a wealth of experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the city centre and uncover its treasures, including the cultural heritage sites such as Limassol Castle, the picturesque Old Town, and the enchanting Kourion archaeological site and the Kolossi Medieval Castle. Participants could take a journey to the stunning coastal areas, where they could enjoy the Mediterranean’s crystal-clear waters.

Call for Tutorials

The Eurographics’2024 Tutorials Committee invites you to propose tutorials teaching the technical background of a given subject or demonstrating its potential creative applications. Tutorials are intended to show what can be done, but even more importantly, how this is done and what kind of tools can be used to do it. In a proposal for a tutorial, you should consider that tutorial attendees come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from research and development to education and application.

We are soliciting half-day and full-day tutorial proposals at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level in all areas pertinent to Computer Graphics. Half-day tutorials are about three hours, plus a coffee break in the middle. Full-day tutorials are twice that long, plus two coffee breaks and a longer lunch break. Full-day tutorials should be motivated by sufficient scientific material. Tutorial proposals are about 4-5 pages in length, clearly indicating the audience that is addressed as well as the syllabus of instruction. They will be reviewed by the tutorial chairs, supported by external reviewers. The final selection will be based on the quality of the submission, qualification of the presenters, relevance to the conference topics, and balance of topics.

Digital support of accepted tutorials will be made available to every Eurographics registered participant and will also be included in the Eurographics digital library. Eurographics does not require copyright for the tutorial notes it publishes. The tutorial speakers may reuse their material freely. For each accepted tutorial, one free registration is provided per half-day of that tutorial.


  *   20 November, 2023: Submission of full tutorial proposals
  *   12  January, 2024: Acceptance/rejection notification
  *   25 March, 2024: Submission of final material (see Course notes below)
  *   22 April, 2024: Conference in Limassol, Cyprus

* All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC

Submission details

Tutorial proposals (in PDF) should be submitted by using the Eurographics Submission and Review Management (SRMv2). <https://srmv2.eg.org/COMFy/Conference/EG_2024TUT>

The submitted proposals should contain the following information:

Presenter(s) details:

  *   Name(s);
  *   Institution(s);
  *   Email address(es);
  *   URL(s).

Tutorial details:

  *   Title of the tutorial;
  *   Keywords;
  *   Half or full-day tutorial (either 2×90 minutes or 4×90 minutes);
  *   A detailed outline of the tutorial;
  *   A statement on the necessary background and potential target audience for the tutorial;
  *   A brief resume of the presenter(s) indicating their background in the area the tutorial addresses;
  *   If a (similar) tutorial was previously held, indicate the location (i.e., which conference), date, and the number of attendees. Please provide information highlighting changes, improvements, and/or why the tutorial should be held again in this form.

Course notes

Sample course notes, although not required in the submission, are highly encouraged to accompany the tutorial proposals. Notes may include original text, formatted according to the Eurographics publication guidelines, reprints of earlier papers (subject to copyright approval), slides, videos, software, datasets, and any other material the authors consider useful. The acceptance of tutorial proposals is contingent upon the final submission of complete course notes. Upon acceptance of the tutorial, additional material should be submitted using the same link in the SRM system as for submitting the proposal.

All course notes of accepted tutorials will be distributed to conference participants electronically.

Eurographics 2024 Tutorials Chairs

Alessandro Artusi, CYENS CoE, Cyprus

Katerina Mania, Technical University of Crete, Greece

For any questions concerning tutorial submissions please contact the tutorial co-chairs: chairs-eg2024tut at eg.org<mailto:chairs-eg2024tut at eg.org>


Dr. Alessandro Artusi
DeepCamera group Leader

T. +357 22747575
[Facebook icon]<https://www.facebook.com/CYENSCoE>   [LinkedIn icon] <https://www.linkedin.com/company/rise-ltd-cyprus/>    [Twitter icon] <https://twitter.com/CYENSCoE>    [Instagram icon] <https://www.instagram.com/CYENSCoE/>

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