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UT Austin's Center for Perceptual Systems (CPS) is home to a thriving multi-disciplinary community of researchers studying perception. A listing of faculty is given below, along with their departmental affiliations. Admissions are handled separately by each department and institute. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies should apply to the program that best fits their goals and interests.

Graduate programs:
Institute for Neuroscience (INS) (deadline: December 1)
Computer science (deadline: December 15)
Department of Psychology (deadline: November 15)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (deadline: December 1)
Biomedical Engineering (deadline: December 1)

* Chandrajit Bajaj (CS) - Geometric modeling and data visualization
* Alan Bovik (ECE) - Video quality and social media
* Lawrence Cormack (Psychology) - Vision and data visualization
* Molly Cummings (Integrative Biology) - Lower vertebrate vision and mate choice
* Brian Evans (ECE) - Machine learning for communications
* Wilson Geisler (Psychology) - Vision and visual neuroscience
* Joydeep Ghosh (ECE) - Adaptive multi-learner systems
* David Gilden (Psychology) - Cognition and Perception
* Nace Golding (Neuroscience) - Auditory function and development
* Robbe Goris (Psychology) - Visual system and decision-making
* Zenzi Griffin (Psychology) - Language production and psycholinguistics
* Liberty Hamilton (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences) - Human speech perception
* Mary Hayhoe (Psychology) - Vision and action and natural tasks
* Lori Holt (Psychology) - Auditory cognitive neuroscience
* Alexander Huth (Neuroscience; CS) - Language processing
* Jarrod Lewis-Peacock (Psychology) - Cognitive control and real-time neurofeedback
*Jeffrey Lockman (Human Development and Family Sciences) - Perception-action development
* Mia Markey (BME) - Biomedical image processing and medical decision making
* Risto Miikkulainen (CS) - Neuroevolution and computational neuroscience
* Franco Pestilli (Psychology) - Brain anatomy and neuroinformatics
* Nicholas Priebe (Neuroscience) - Primary sensory cortex
* Michael Ryan (Integrative Biology) - Evolution and mechanisms of animal behavior
* Eyal Seidemann (Neuroscience; Psychology) - Neural basis of visual perception and perceptual decision making
* Peter Stone (CS) - Reinforcement learning and AI planning
* Thibaud Taillefumier (Neuroscience; Math) - Mathematical neuroscience
* Chen Yu (Psychology) - Development and learning, Machine learning
* Harold Zakon (Neuroscience) - Ion channels and electric fish
* Yuke Zu (CS) - robotics and computer vision
* Xuexin Wei (Neuroscience) - Computational and theoretical neuroscience

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