[visionlist] UPM, Madrid: Phd funding (4 years) in trustworthy face processing models

José Miguel Buenaposada Biencinto josemiguel.buenaposada at urjc.es
Wed Jan 17 13:40:43 -04 2024

The advances made in the field of AI in recent years have produced a revolution in computer science, not only because of the difficulty of the problems addressed and the excellence of the solutions provided, but also because of the breadth and variety of the fields of application. The reason for this explosion is the development of very general deep neural network models trained by self-supervised algorithms using large amounts of data from the Internet. These models can be easily adapted to a wide range of downstream tasks in areas as diverse as education, law, healthcare and medicine, sports, industrial manufacturing, etc. However, since this automatically acquired data is uncurated, these models may inherit biases that contribute or amplify social inequity. They may also be misused to create societal harm. For this reason, one of the fundamental challenges that AI faces nowadays is the development of a Trustworthy AI. Terms such as privacy, fairness and unbiasedness, accountability and transparency, causality, interpretability and explainability are central topics of research. The interest in the development of reliable AI is relevant especially in the case of face processing (face detection, attribute estimation demographics, identification, etc.).

The Computer Vision research group (http://dia.fi.upm.es/~pcr/research.html) at Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is a specialized in facial analysis. The group has funding, from the Spanish research agency (AEI), for the project "ETHIC-FACE" for the development of a trustworthy facial processing model.

Associated with the same project we have funding for a PhD student ("contrato FPI") during four years. The main goal of the doctorate, within the ETHIC-FACE project, will be to research on how to build an ethical and reliable facial analysis model. To do this, generative methods, transformers and other techniques will be used.


Education Level: Master Degree of equivalent


- Master's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, machine learning or computer vision.

- Proven knowledge in Computer Vision and/or Machine Learning.

- Programming skills in Python/C++.

** Contact **

If interested, please contact the as soon as possible with Jose M. Buenaposada, josemiguel.buenaposada at urjc.es, in order to be informed about the deadlines and the procedure that will follow the public call that is going to be held shortly.


Luis Baumela and Jose M. Buenaposada

José Miguel Buenaposada Biencinto
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (ETSII)
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
C/ Tulipan, s/n. E-28933 Mostoles. Madrid (Spain)
phone: (+34) 914888129
email: josemiguel.buenaposada at urjc.es
web  : http://jmbuena.github.io

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