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University College London, UK Visuomotor decision-making in childhood Mar 17 2016
Ulm University, Germany Multisensory and haptic perception Mar 17 2016
Dartmouth, NH, USA Image Analysis/Forensics Mar 8 2016
University of Roehampton, UK Cognitive Neuroscience Mar 7 2016
Marburg, Germany Transsaccadic perception Mar 4 2016
Texas State University, USA Eye Movement Biometrics and Health Assessment Mar 3 2016
Montreal Neurological Institute Systems neuroscience Mar 1 2016
UCLA Cognitive Neuroscience Mar 1 2016
New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Visual cognition Feb 26 2016
UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Modelling attention Feb 12 2016
University of Minnesota, USA Depth-dependent fMRI signals Feb 10 2016
University of Pennsylvania Auditory decision-making Feb 10 2016
University of California, Davis Visual cognition and schizophrenia Feb 5 2016
Davalor Salud Visual optics and instrument development Feb 5 2015
Harvard High-level vision and learning Feb 5 2016
University of St Andrews Multisensory decision making Feb 4 2016
University of Notre Dame Visual Cognition Feb 1 2016
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY Computational neuroscience Feb 1 2016
UCL, UK Attention and EEG Jan 29 2016
UNC-Chapel Hill, USA Infant Brain Mapping Jan 24 2016
University of Stirling, UK Human face recognition Jan 21 2016
Giessen University, Germany Color vision, visually guided actions, and perception and action Jan 20 2016
Max Planck Research Group, Bonn, Germany Adaptive neural circuits underlying sensorimotor integration Jan 14 2016
New York University, USA Perceptual learning Jan 13 2016
University of Muenster, Germany Cognitive Neuroscience Jan 3 2016
University of Minnesota Psychophysics of Reading Dec 24 2015
University of Leuven, Belgium Awake Rodent Visual Neuroscience Dec 23 2015
Oxford, UK High Resolution Retinal Imaging and Psychophysics Dec 22 2015
University of California, Berkeley, USA Imaging the retina and measuring visual function on a cellular scale Dec 17 2015
UC Santa Barbara, USA fMRI of visual search Dec 16 2015
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore fMRI in elderly Dec 15 2015
Ohio State University, USA Efficient Assessment of Visual Deficits in Low Vision Dec 14 2015
Queen’s University, UK Sensory-Motor Control Dec 9 2015
University of Magdeburg, Germany Cognitive Neuroscience Dec 9 2015
University of Tennessee Health Science Center,Memphis, TN, USA Neuro-imaging and psychophysics research Nov 30 2015
LMU Munich, Germany Visual perception and decision making Nov 27 2015
University of Reading, UK Human and computer vision Nov 27 2015
CMU, Pittsburgh, USA Neural engineering Nov 23 2015
New York University Abu Dhabi Cognitive neuroscience of visual working memory Nov 18 2015
University of PittsburghPennsylvania, USA Intracranial Human Electrophysiology Nov 17 2015
Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany Scene Grammar Lab Nov 16 2015
New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Visual cognition Nov 16 2015
Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences Information flow in bipolar cells Nov 16 2015
Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences ON bipolar cells in congenital nystagmus Nov 16 2015
University of Lincoln, UK Perception of visual motion Nov 14 2015
Murcia University, Spain Biomedical Optics Nov 12 2015
Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China Retinal screening Oct 28 2015
University of Amsterdam/ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Influence of predictive coding and task relevance on consciousness and attention Oct 27 2015
University of Amsterdam/ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Computational Neuroimaging of Flexible Visual Processing Oct 19 2015
University of Wisconsin and University of Rochester Stem cell approach to restoring vision through adaptive optics retinal imaging Oct 19 2015
University of Rochester Rochester, NY Optical recording of primate retinal neurons in vivo Oct 19 2015
University College London Computational, systems, and molecular neuroscience Oct 18 2015
UC San Diego Cognitive/Comp Neuro Oct 16 2015
UC Santa Barbara Medical imaging/computational modeling Oct 16 2015
University of Pennsylvania, USA Computational Neuroscience Oct 14 2015
Carnegie Mellon University, USA Computational neuroscience, primate neurophysiology in vision Oct 10 2015
Oculus VR Postdoc on psychophysics Oct 8 2015
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA Neural Bases of Numerical Cognition Oct 8 2015
University of Helsinki Stable object representations from sensory signals Oct 7 2015
Michigan State University, USA Visual cognitive neuroscience Sep 25 2015
Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken, Germany Max Planck Fellowship for Excellent Women in Computer Science Sep 23 2015
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA USA Optogenetic and optochemical tools for vision restoration Sep 17 2015
New York University, New York, USA Object and face recognition Sep 16 2015
National University Singapore Vision, Neural Computing Sep 10 2015
Schepens Eye Research Institute, Boston, MA Vision Science Sep 8 2015
York University, Toronto Computational Modeling of Visual Perception Sep 3 2015
University of Melbourne, Australia McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme Sep 3 2015
University of Coimbra, Portugal Object recognition and visuomotor processing Sep 2 2015
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA Neuroimaging Sep 1 2015
Johns Hopkins University fMRI of scene and space perception Aug 28 2015
French Institute of Health and Medical Research Cognitive neuroscience Aug 26 2015
Brown University, USA Cognitive Neurophysiology Aug 25 2015
University of Maryland EEG Methods in Child Development Aug 24 2015
UCLA, USA Processing form and perceptual decisions Aug 19 2015
University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA Faculty in visual perception and cognition with an emphasis on the use of virtual reality Aug 18 2015
Ohio State University Neural representations of space and attention Aug 14 2015
University of Southampton, UK Human vision and natural scene statistics Aug 14 2015
Columbia University, NY, USA Multisensory (visual-haptic) integration Aug 13 2015
Indiana University School of Medicine, USA Detection and monitoring of glaucoma Aug 11 2015
University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium fMRI Aug 11 2015
University of Luxemburg Developmental cognitive neuroscience of reading Aug 7 2015
University of Waterloo, Canada Visual impairment classification methods Aug 7 2015
NIH, Baltimore, MD, USA Machine learning to analyze imaging data Aug 6 2015
Wright State University, USA Human Neuroscience and Visual Cognition Aug 5 2015
Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF) Understanding brain activity at the cellular level Aug 5 2015
University of California, Los Angeles Action perception and understanding Aug 4 2015
Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore Vision and memory Aug 3 2015
University of Cambridge, UK Visual Behaviour and Modelling Jul 30 2015
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA Optic flow and visual control Jul 27 2015
University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA Human melanopsin function Jul 27 2015
LMU Munich, Germany Predictive weighting systems in visual search Jul 27 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Machine learning & high level vision Jul 27 2015
MIT, USA Project Prakash Jul 23 2015
Brown University Perception and Action Jul 23 2015
University of Rochester Visual Neuroscience Jul 23 2015
Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany Memory-guided visual search Jul 21 2015
New York University, New York, NY, USA Object and face recognition Jul 17 2015
Boston University, USA Functional organization of visual pathways Jul 16 2015
Universitat de Valencia, Spain Computational Visual Neuroscience Jul 16 2015
(Eckstein lab) UC Santa Barbara Medical image perception/modeling Jul 13 2015
Schepens Eye Research Institute Effects of age and vision impairment on attention Jul 13 2015
California Institute of Technology, USA Cognitive Neuroscience Jul 3 2015
Universität München, Germany Human Spatial Orientation Jun 30 2015
University of Stirling, UK Human psychophysics Jun 30 2015
Sandia National Laboratories, USA Computational neuroscience Jun 29 2015
University of Luxembourg Developmental cognitive neuroscience of reading Jun 29 2015
Envision Research Institute Blindness and visual impairment Jun 26 2015
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology in London Adaptive optics Jun 26 2015
New York University Abu Dhabi Human multisensory perception Jun 26 2015
Göttingen University Psychology Jun 25 2015
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA Neurophysiology of eye movements Jun 24 2016
Schepens Eye Research Institute, USA Translational Vision Science Jun 23 2015
UC Davis, USA Visual Cognition Jun 23 2015
Boston University, Boston, MA, USA Functional organization of sensory visual pathways Jun 18 2015
University of Chicago, USA Visual and Cognitive Neurophysiology May 22 2015
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France Mind wandering May 22 2015
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy Perception, Action and Computation May 21 2015
University of Louisville Retinal Function, Dysfunction and Therapies May 20 2015
University of Pennsylvania Learning and decision-making in non-human primates May 19 2015
New York University Abu Dhabi Visual cognition May 17 2015
University of Reading, UK 3D space perception in freely-moving human observers May 17 2015
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Vision and marketing May 17 2015
University of Cambridge, UK Neural mechanisms of 3D perception May 13 2015
University of California, Berkeley, USA Human visual perception May 12 2015
Centre de Recherche Cerveau et Cognition, Toulouse, France Computational neurosciences and stereoscopic vision May 12 2015
Boston University , USA Eye movements and spatial representations May 11 2015
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies Active Efficient Coding May 7 2015
Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA Vision, Cognitive Science May 6 2015
University of Wisconsin - Madison Visual areas and perception of motion May 6 2015
Durham University, Durham, UK Echolocation in blind and sighted people May 6 2015
Macquarie University, NSW, Australia Perception May 6 2015
MIT, USA Neural basis of interval timing and temporal coordination in the basal ganglia and cortex May 1 2015
York University, Toronto, Canada Baysian perception of 3D shape, reflectance, and lighting Apr 27 2015
Trinity College Dublin Decision Neuroscience Apr 24 2015
University of Marburg, Germany Cardinal mechanisms of perception Apr 23 2015
Brown University Perception and Action Apr 21 2015
School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR Astigmatism development Apr 20 2015
Université Paris Descartes & CNRS, Paris, France Temporal dynamics of saccadic adaptation Apr 18 2015
National Central University, Taiwan Visual Cognition Apr 15 2015

Slice electrophysiological experiments

Apr 13 2015
NYU Child Study Center Assistant Research Scientist Mar 18 2015
CerCo laboratory, Toulouse, France Computational neurosciences and stereoscopic vision Mar 16 2015
Boston Attention and Learning Laboratory Visual attention Mar 14 2015
University of Arizona Bidirectional visual mechanisms Mar 13 2015
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Computational neuroimaging/neuroscience Mar 12 2015
New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE Face and object recognition Mar 12 2015
Paris, Berlin Temporal dynamics of saccadic adaptation Mar 10 2015
Indiana University, Bloomington IN, USA Visual and sensory-motor components of early word learning Mar 10 2015
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia Cognitive Science Mar 5 2015
University of Pennsylvania, USA Perception and neural computation with natural stimuli Mar 4 2015
University of Pennsylvania, USA Cognitive and Motor Neuroscience Mar 3 2015
New England College of Optometry, Boston Role of color in the development of myopia Feb 28 2015
University of Coimbra (, Portugal Visual object recognition Feb 27 2015
Mainz University Experimental and Applied Psychology Feb 27 2015
VU University Amsterdam Visual attention and memory Feb 17 2015
University College London, UK Machine learning of attention Jan 9 2015
University of Pennsylvania, USA Breast Image Segmentation and Analysis Jan 9 2015
Goettingen, Germany Unconscious visual processing Jan 7 2015
Georgia Tech, USA Cognitive Neuroscience of Perception Jan 5 2015


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