[visionlist] ShinyEyes - A Tool for Examining Trace Plots and Correcting Automatic Labels

Colin Quirk ctq11 at hampshire.edu
Thu Mar 19 09:58:28 -04 2020

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a tool I created that allows for the manual adjustment 
of automatically generated labels for gaze data. I noticed that the 
software provided with our tracker was missing small saccades and wasn't 
properly labeling blinks, so I created ShinyEyes so that I could easily 
adjust those labels quickly. It takes in a csv file, so you can use it 
no matter what your setup is (as long as you are able to convert your 
data into a format ShinyEyes can understand). It is built with Shiny (an 
R framework), but you can use it with no R knowledge by visiting the 
hosted version:


You can also run it locally if you have R (which will likely be faster). 
A readme about how to use it, as well as some test data is available on 


If anyone has any feedback, please let me know.



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