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VSS 2020 is Going Online June 19-24, 2020!


The VSS board would like to thank the large number of members who responded
to our survey. It is clear that there is a significant appetite for an
online meeting, particularly among students and post-docs.


As you know this is new territory for the Board and the VSS membership – at
this point we feel that an online meeting is the best way to fulfill our
primary mission of promoting intellectual exchange about and dissemination
of vision research.


There are many details remaining to work out, but here we provide key
information so that members may begin to plan to make the most of Virtual
VSS (V-VSS) 2020.


The basic structure and timeline for V-VSS 2020 are as follows.


*     Presenters for all accepted VSS 2020 abstracts may present at V-VSS
after payment of the presentation fee. All presentations will be uploaded
and available for viewing, with asynchronous chat to allow questions and

*     We are working through options for some live presentations and
presenter interaction to supplement the recorded presentations, as well as
other possible live events. We will provide more information on these
aspects of the meeting as soon as possible.

*     For talk abstracts, presenters are required to upload a recorded video
(maximum 12 minutes). For poster abstracts, presenters are required to
upload a PDF of the poster and may upload a recorded poster tour (maximum 6
minutes). More information on the precise formats will be provided.
Presenters who were assigned talks but would prefer to present in poster
format may do so, but not vice-versa.

*     The online presentation fee will be $100 for regular members and $50
for students/post-docs. For those electing not to present, abstracts will be
withdrawn and no presentation fee will be charged. Presented abstracts will
be published in the Journal of Vision, while withdrawn abstracts will not.
Withdrawn abstracts may be submitted for VSS 2021.

*     Non-presenting VSS 2020 members who have paid their 2020 membership
fees may view presentations and participate in other online V-VSS activities
without additional fees. Individuals who are not current VSS members may
attend by joining VSS and paying the 2020 membership fees.

*     Registration fees for the in-person 2020 meeting will be refunded. For
online presenters who have already paid registration fees for the in-person
meeting, the difference between the registration and presentation fees will
be refunded. There will be an option for those who elect not to receive a
refund of their already paid registration fees.

*     See the
StbN2nBfZPSlK6cpAJ91fB2BgDhGQ==> Virtual VSS FAQ for additional information.

*     The timeline for V-VSS 2020 is as follows

*     May 1 – May 31, 2020 Website for registering for online presentations,
withdrawing abstracts, and requesting registration refunds opens.
Registration refunds will be processed through this site. Abstracts that are
neither registered for presentation nor withdrawn by May 31 will be
automatically withdrawn.

*     May 27 - June 10, 2020 Presentation upload site open. All
presentations must be uploaded by June 10 to allow adequate time for system
testing before the online meeting. If no presentation is uploaded the
abstract will not be published.

*     June 19 – June 24, 2020 V-VSS!

*     June 25 – October 1, 2020  Presentations will remain available for
viewing during this period, but asynchronous chat will be frozen and there
will be no expectation of presenter interaction after June 24.


We look forward to “seeing” you at V-VSS 2020!


Visit our website

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