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Jeremy Wilmer jeremy.wilmer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 10:20:12 -04 2020

Greetings colleagues,

We are writing to you today to introduce TELLab - The Experiential Learning
Laboratory.  TELLab is an online platform designed to allow psychology
students to design, create, and run their own experiments, and then
download the data for analysis.  TELLab was launched at Harvard University,
and has been further developed with NSF funding.  The purpose of this email
is to offer TELLab as a no-cost solution for experiential learning in
courses in Psychology, and related disciplines, at a time when the COVID-19
pandemic has forced more instruction to occur online.  Courses now using
TELLab include Intro Psych, Cog Sci, Perception, Research Methods, and
Statistics.  The current version of the system can be found at tellab.org.

The design of TELLab is informed by two core educational principles:
(1) Students learn best by doing, and they are more motivated when they
have a sense of ownership of experiments that they create themselves,
rather than doing canned experiments provided by an instructor.
(2) Visually-guided experiment creation - without traditional
"programming," but instead with intuitive forms and manipulation of objects
in a graphical user interface (GUI) - offers major advantages for
accessibility and understanding of behavioral research.

As part of the upcoming virtual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society
(V-VSS), we will present a short demonstration of TELLab, followed by a Q&A
session on Sunday, June 21st, 7 PM  Eastern time.  Please join us at

Please direct inquiries to tellab-team at tellab.org.

Ken Nakayama, UC Berkeley
Jeremy Wilmer,  Wellesley College
Justin Junge, Princeton University
Jeff Mulligan, independent contractor
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