[visionlist] Online colloquium at LMU (24/6) - Peter Kok on how expectations shape perception

Fredrik Allenmark fredrik.allenmark at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 08:04:36 -04 2020

Dear Vision Science Community,

I would like to announce our upcoming online colloquium at General and
Experimental Psychology, LMU Munich, Germany (http://www.psy.lmu.de/exp/).
Our guest speaker Dr. Peter Kok (http://www.peterkokneurosci.com/) from
University College London will give a talk on:
"How expectations shape perception: from cortical layers to brain-wide

The talk will take place on the 24th of June at 12.15 (German time) and
will be given via Zoom, available using the following link or meeting ID
and password:


Zoom Meeting ID: 915-8703-0299
Password: 412237


The way we perceive the world is strongly influenced by our expectations
about what we are likely to see at any given moment. However, the neural
mechanisms by which the brain achieves this remarkable feat have yet to be
established. Some major outstanding questions are 1) the neural circuit by
which expectations modulate processing in the visual cortex, 2) the
temporal dynamics of the interaction between expectations and sensory
inputs. I will discuss recent work aimed at addressing some of these
questions using ultra-high field (7T) fMRI and MEG. I will also present
recent work suggesting the hippocampus may be involved in generating
perceptual expectations. Together, this work demonstrates that expectations
play a fundamental role in sensory processing, and ultimately in the way we
perceive the world.

Fredrik Allenmark
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