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Acosta, Monica University of Auckland, NZ Retinal development and degeneration
Anstis, Stuart Dept of Psychology, UCSD Perception
Arditi, Aries Arlene R. Gordon Research Institute low vision, accessibility, psychophysics, binocular vision
Arnold, Derek School of Psychology, University of Queensland Perception
Arrington, Karl ArringtonResearch & Arizona State University Filling-in, Eye Movements, Stereopsis, Depth Perception, Head Mounted Displays
Bach, Michael Freiburg University, Germany Visual Perception, Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision, Visual Acuity, Illusions
Backus, Ben SUNY Optometry, New York, NY, USA Stereo vision
Banks, Martin University of California, Berkeley Visual Space Perception
Blake, Randolph Vanderbilt University Visual Perception
Benton, Chris University of Bristol, England Psychophysics and Computational Modelling
Berkowitz, Bruce Wayne State University MRI of Retinal Oxygenation and Angiogensis
Behrmann, Marlene Carnegie Mellon University Intermediate and high level vision in normal and brain-damaged individuals
Bonin, Vincent Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders Systems Neuroscience - Neural Circuits - Visual Processing
Born, Richard Harvard Medical School Visual Motion Processing and Eye Movements
Bourk, Patricke University of Lincoln, UK Visual attention, Visual search, Short Term Visual Memory, Perception & Action
Boynton University of Washington, USA
Bradley, David The University of Chicago Visual population coding & prosthetic research
Brostow, Gabriel University College London Computer vision
Bullough, John Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Vision and driving, Transportation lighting, Visual psychophysics
Brainard, David University of Pennsylvania Color Vision
Bülthoff, Heinrich Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany Visual Perception, VR Psychophysics, Computational Vision
Casanova, Christian Université de Montréal Visual Neuroscience
Carandini, Matteo University College London, UK Visual Cortex
Cavanagh, Patrick Université Paris Descartes Vision, attention, art
Chaudhuri McGill University Vision and Molecular Biology
Clifford, Colin University of Sydney Visual Perception
Cook Tufts University Avian Visual Cognition
Cropper, Simon The University of Melbourne Color and Motion
Dilks, Daniel D. Emory University Visual perception, cortical plasticity, fMRI, psychophysics, neuropsychology
Dobkins University of California, San Diego
Eckstein, Miguel UC Santa Barbara Vision & Image Understanding
Edelman Weizmann Institute Experimental Epistemology
Ernst, Marc University of Bielefeld, Germany Multisensory Perception, Perception and Action
Eskew, Rhea Northeastern University Visual Perception & Psychophysics
Ferwerda, Jim Cornell University Visual Perception and Computer Graphics
Faubert, Jocelyn Université de Montréal Visual Perception & Psychophysics
Field, David Cornell University Visual coding
Fliesler, Steven J. Saint Louis Univ. School of Med. Rod outer segments
Foster, David UMIST, Manchester, UK. Visual & Computational Neuroscience
Freeman, Ralph University of California, Berkeley Visual Neuroscience
Freeman, W.J. University of California, Berkeley Neurophysiology
Gandhi, Raj    
Gauthier, Isabel Vanderbilt University Object Perception and Expertise
Gilchrist, Iain D. Bristol University UK Active vision
Glaser, Donald University of California, Berkeley Psychophysics and Computational Neuroscience
Glennerster, Andrew University of Oxford Visual Perception
Glasser University of Houston, Optometry  
Godwin Wake Forest University Visual Neurophysiology
Goodale University of Western Ontario Perception and Motor Control
Gorea, Andrei Paris Descartes University and CNRS Paris Vision
Gray, Rob Arizona State University East Perception and action
Greenberg, Adam S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Visual attention, visual cognitive neuroscience, object perception, perceptual organization, auditory scene analysis
Grossberg, Stephen Boston University Brain dynamics of visual perception
Grunewald,Alexander University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hamer, Russell D. Affiliate Scientist at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute Visual development, VEP electrophysiology, psychophysics
Harris, Julie University of St. Andrews, UK Visual perception
Harris, Laurence York University, Toronto, Canada Multisensory perception of space, time and body
Harris, Mike University of Birmingham Optic Flow
Harvey, Lewis O. , Jr. University of Colorado Visual perception
Heimel, J. Alexander Neth. Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam Rodent vision
Henderson, John M. Michigan State University Visual Cognition, Eye Movements and Scene Perception
Hoffmann, Michael University of Magdeburg, Germany Visual Neuroscience
Ibbotson, Michael Australian National University Visual Physiology and Human Psychophysics
Itti, Laurent University of Southern California Computational visual neuroscience
Johnston, Alan University College London Vision Research
Juusola, Mikko University of Sheffield Drosophila Vision
Julesz Rutgers University Vision
Kanai, Ryota University of Sussex, UK Consciousness, Vision
Kaplan Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYC Visual Neuroscience
Kara, Prakash Medical University of South Carolina Two-photon imaging of visual cortex
Karim, Rezaul University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh Visuo-spatial perception, crossmodal cognition, multisensory perception, tactile perception
Klein University of California, Berkeley Visual Processing Laboratory
Knox University of Liverpool Visuomotor control
Koch Caltech  
König, Peter University Osnabrück Visual processing & sensorimotor integration
Kremlacek, Jan Charles University in Prague Electrophysiology of motion perception, visual mismatch processing, visual plasticity
Kubovy University of Virginia Perception
Lamb, Trevor Australian National University Visual Neuroscience
Li, Zhaoping University College London Computational vision
Zhi Li Swarthmore College Vision
Linares, Daniel University Paris Descartes, France Perception
Loschky, Lester C. Kansas State University Scene perception, event comprehension
Lotto, R. Beau University College London Biological vision
Lu, Zhong-Lin Ohio State University Vision, Visual Perception, Attention, Perceptual Learning
MacLeod University of California, San Diego Vision
Maddess, Ted The Australian National University Nonlinear and adaptive processes in vision
Maguire University of California, San Diego Retinal Circuitry & Physiology
Makous, Walt University of Rochester Visual psychophysics
Maiche, Alejandro University of Uruguayan Republic Motion Perception and visual psychophysics
Malik, Jitendra University of California at Berkeley Human and computer vision
Malo, Jesus Universitat de Valencia (Spain) Vision Models, Image Processing, Psychophysics
Marotta, Jonathan University of Manitoba, Canada Neuropsychology of Vision Perception and Action Lab
McCormick Yale University School of Medicine Cellular Basis for Cortical and Thalamic Function
Meister, Markus Harvard University Neural circuits
Miller, Joel Smith Kettlewell Oculomotor Psychophysics and Physiology
Miller, Kenneth University of California, San Francisco  
Nothdurft, Christoph Visual Perception Lab, Göttingen Visual selection, salience, texture segmentation
Ogmen, Haluk University of Houston Dynamic vision, visual masking
Ohzawa, Izumi Osaka University Visual Neuroscience
Olshausen, Bruno UC Davis Visual coding
Osaka Kyoto University  
O'Shea, Robert P. Southern Cross University, Australia Perception, cognitive neuroscience
Palmer, Stephen UC Berkeley Perceptual organization, attention, and visual illusions
Park , Sohee Vanderbilt University Vision
Peirce, Jonathan Nottingham University Vision
Peli, Eli Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School Psychophysics, Low Vision Rehabilitation, Image Enhancement, Image Processing
Perrone University of Waikato, New Zealand Visual Motion Processing
Peterson, Mary University of Arizona Perceptual Organization, Object Recognition, Perceptual Learning, Attention
Proffitt University of Virginia, USA Perception
Proulx, Michael University of Bath, UK Vision, Impaired Vision, Attention, Multisensory Perception
Qian Columbia University, USA  
Rea, Mark Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lighting Research Center Visual Performance, Mesopic vision, Color vision
Reeves, Adam Northeastern University, USA Visual attention, color, masking, imagery
Regan, David York University, Toronto Canada  
Ronald Rensink University of British Columbia Visual attention, information visualization
Ringach New York University Biological and Artifical Vision
Rizzolo Yale University  
Roe, Anna Wang Yale University Optical imaging of visual contours & brightness
Rolfs, Martin Bernstein Center & Department of Psychology at Humboldt University of Berlin Eye movements, active vision and cognition
Rose, Dave University of Surrey, Dept. Psychology Vision, consciousness & brain
Rosenholtz, Ruth MIT Visual attention, texture perception, and clutter
Rossion, Bruno University of Louvain, Belgium Face Perception
Rucci, Michele Boston University Active Vision
Rubin, Gary UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, London, UK Vision
Sakaguchi Iowa State University Developmental Neurobiology
Sakai, Ko University of Tsukuba, Japan Computational Vision
Schneider, Keith A. York University Attention, perception, architecture of the visual system
Schofield, Andrew University of Birmingham Spatial Vision
Schor, Clifton University of California, Berkeley  
Sehi, Mitra Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami Vision
Seiffert, Adriane Vanderbilt University Attention to moving objects
Sekuler, Allison McMaster University Vision Science, Cognitive Neuroscience
Sekuler, Robert Brandeis University Visual memory, imitation, motion perception
Schendan, Haline E.

University of Plymouth, UK

Vision & Memory Neuroimaging
Schirillo, Jim Wake Forest University Vision
Sherman, S.M. University of Chicago Visual neuroscience
Shimojo Caltech  
Siegel Rutgers University  
Simoncelli, Eero New York University Computational Vision
Simons, Daniel J. University of Illinois, Psychology Visual Cognition
Smith University of Pennsylvania  Neural Simulation
Smith, Andy Royal Holloway, University of London Vision and fMRI
Smyrnis, Nikolaos National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Visual cognition, eye movements
Spratling, Michael King's College London, UK Computational neuroscience of visual cognition
Solomon, Joshua City University London Vision
Stark, William Saint Louis University Vitamin A, Ultraviolet, Drosophila
Steinman University of Maryland Human Oculomotor Research
Strasburger, Hans Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Vision
Straw, Andrew D. Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria Vision, Drosophila
Tarr, Michael J. Brown University Object Recognition, Navigation
Taylor, Christopher University of Reading, UK Vision
Thompson, William B. University of Utah Spatial vision, perception and computer graphics
Tjan, Bosco University of Southern California What: Web: Normal and Impaired Vision, Neural Computation
Tong, Frank Vanderbilt University fMRI and Visual Perception
Troje, Nikolaus Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Visual Perception and Social Recognition
Tsotsos, John K. York University, Canada Vision, attention, computer vision, robotics, computational neuroscience
Vaina, Lucia Boston University Visual Perception, Neuroimaging, Neurorecovery & Perceptual Learning
van Boxtel, Jeroen J.A. Monash University, Australia Attention, consciousness, biological motion
van Hateren University of Groningen Insect and Human Vision
van Leeuwen, Cees Brain Science, Institute, Riken, Japan Visual Perception; EEG and Eye movement recording and computational simulation
Wagemans, Johan University of Leuven Visual perception, visual arts, visual cognition
Wandell, Brian Stanford University Neuroimaging, Color perception, Visual cortex
Watson, Andrew NASA Ames Research Center Vision Science & Technlogy
Watt, Simon Bangor University, Wales, UK Visual Space Perception
Weidemann, Christoph T. Swansea University, Wales, UK Perception, memory, learning
Wenderoth, Peter Macquarie University Perception
Werner, Jack University of California, Davis Color, Retina, Aging
White, Keith University of Florida Vision
Whitney, David University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA Perception
Williams, David University of Rochester Color, Physiological Optics, Adaptive Optics
Winawer, Jonathan New York University Visual perception, Visual Neuroscience, Visual Cognition
Wolfe, Jeremy Brigham & Women's Hospital Vision & Visual Attention
Zacher, James York University, Ontario, Canada  

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