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University College London, UK PhD, Attention Mar 18 2016
Royal Holloway, University of London PhD, Vision science Mar 15 2016
Berlin, Germany Computational Neuroscience Mar 4 2016
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona PhD, HDR models and methods for cinema postproduction Mar 4 2016
University of Sussex , UK PhD, Visual perception Mar 1 2016
Cardiff University, UK Perceptual organisation with psychophysics and fMRI Feb 29 2016
University of East Anglia, UK PhD Studentship Cognitive Neuroscience Dec 28 2015
University of Nottingham, UK Visual Neuroscience Dec 14 2015
European Glaucoma Research and Training program PhD, in clinical vision and neuroscience Dec 11 2015
University of Massachusetts Boston, USA PhD, Developmental and Brain Sciences Dec 11 2015
University of Southern Mississippi, USA PhD, perception and action Dec 11 2015
Bangor University, UK PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience Dec 9 2015
Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, USA Visual attention and working memory Dec 8 2015
University College London PhD, attention and pattern classification in neuroimaging Dec 8 2015
Uppsala University, Sweden Visual decision making Dec 5 2015
Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt am Main, Germany Ph.D., Neural basis of aesthetic experiences Dec 4 4015
SUNY Optometry, New York, USA Doctoral Program in Vision Science Dec 3 2015
Rutgers University-Newark, USA Ph.D., Cellular, Systems, Behavioral, and Cognitive Neuroscience Dec 3 2015
Marburg University, Germany PhD Psychology Dec 2 2015
Utah State, USA Ph.D., Psychology Nov 30 2015
University of Nevada, Reno, USA PhD, Pscyhology/Cognitive Neuroscience Nov 30 2015
Bangor School of Psychology, Wales, UK PhD Nov 30 2015
Liverpool Hope University, UK PhD, Colour vision psychophysics Nov 25 2015
University of Massachusetts Boston PhD, Developmental and Brain Sciences Nov 22 2015
RPI PhD, Perception & Action Nov 22 2015
Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience Nov 18 2015
Philipps-University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany PhD stipend in human movement and cognition Nov 18 2015
NYU Shanghai, PRC Doctoral Program in Neural Science Nov 18 2015
University of St Andrews, UK PhD scholarship, vision/fMRI Nov 17 2015
EyeQuant, Berlin PhD in Deep Learning & Visual Neuroscience Nov 17 2015
University of Chicago Graduate Training in Neuroscience Nov 15 2015
Murcia University, Spain Biomedical Optics Nov 12 2015
University of Arizona, USA PhD, Physiology Nov 9 2015
Nanyang Technological University in Singapore PhD , perception, psychophysics, eye tracking, TMS, EEG and fNIRS Oct 21 2015
Lundbeck/York PhD, translational visual neuroscience Oct 18 2015
UC Berkeley, CA, USA Graduate Program in Vision Science Oct 14 2015
SUNY Optometry, NY, USA Doctoral Program in Vision Science Oct 13 2015
Nottingham Trent University, UK PhD, Ageing and visual information processing Oct 13 2015
NYU, NY, USA Doctoral studies in Vision Oct 12 2015
University of Texas at Austin, USA Graduate training in Perception, Brain, & Behavior Oct 7 2015
PACE, an EU funded Innovative Training Network 15 PhD positions, Perception and Action in Complex Environments May 25 2015
INT-Marseille, France PhD, Predicting and selecting sensory events May 25 2015
University of Oldenburg PhD, population coding of retinal ganglion cells Apr 14 2015
European Marie-Curie training network NextGenVis 15 PhD positions in Visual and Computational Neuroscience Mar 12 2015
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Multisensory integration Mar 12 2015
Durham University, UK Cognitive Neuroscience Mar 12 2015
Deakin University, Australia

Ph.D., Visual ecology and pattern/colour discrimination

Jan 9 2015
University of Bath, UK PhD, Neural development of multisensory integration in sighted and non-sighted individuals Jan 5 2015

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