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                    *** HAI 2017 Call for Papers ***

The Fifth International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI 2017)

               Bielefeld, Germany ~ 17 - 20 October 2017


          Submission Site: http://precisionconference.com/~hai/



HAI 2017 is the 5th annual International Conference on Human-Agent

Interaction. It aims to be the premier interdisciplinary venue for

discussing and disseminating state-of-the-art research and results that

have implications across conventional interaction boundaries including

robots, software agents and digitally-mediated human-human communication.


The theme for HAI 2017 is "How autonomy shapes interaction". During the

last decade a large body of research has been devoted on increasing the

interaction quality with artificial agents. This has now reached a quite

convincing level for focused application scenarios. However, with robots

and agents entering our everyday lives such scenarios will require more

initiative and flexibility from the agent, i.e. more autonomy.  Such

autonomous behavior means, on the other hand, that the interaction will

become less predictable. This may become problematic given the strong

research focus on statistical behavior models that focus on observable

behavior based on rather shallow structures. These models may not be able

to capture the underlying interaction structure in less restricted

scenarios. We thus need a better understanding and model of the underlying

interaction principles that not only takes situational and task aspects

into account but also includes detailed user models.  Therefore, a

stronger research focus is needed to better understand the underlying

principles of interaction between autonomous agents, leading to better and

deeper models of interaction. We thus encourage contributions that try to

tackle this question by focusing on more realistic and life-like



The conference seeks contributions from a broad range of fields spanning

engineering, computer science, psychology and sociology, and will cover

diverse topics, including: human-robot interaction, affective computing,

computer-supported collaborative work, gaming and serious games,

artificial intelligence, and more.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,

- designs and studies of Human-Agent Interaction, including quantitative

and qualitative results

- theoretical models of Human-Agent Interaction

- technological advances in Human-Agent Interaction

- impacts of embodiment (e.g., physical vs digital, human vs animal-like)

- experimental methods for Human-Agent Interaction

- character and avatar design in video games

- agents in social network


This includes more targeted results that have implications to the broader 

human-agent interaction community:

- human-robot interaction

- human-virtual agent interaction

- interaction with smart homes and smart cars

- distributed groupware where people have remote embodiments and

- and more!


Full papers, posters, late-breaking results, tutorial/workshop overviews

will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.



*** Important Dates ***



* Full Paper Submission * (4-8 pages)

02 June 2017: Deadline for submission of full papers

08 July 2017: Notification of acceptance of full papers

04 August 2017: Final camera-ready papers due


* Tutorial/Workshop Proposal Submission *

02 June 2017: Deadline for submission of proposals

08 June 2017: Notification of acceptance of proposals

04 August 2017: Final camera-ready Workshop papers due


* Poster and Late-breaking Submission * (2-4 pages)

25 July 2017: Deadline for submission of posters

15 August 2017: Notification of acceptance of posters

18 August 2017: Final camera-ready papers due



*** Submission and Reviewing ***



HAI 2017 will accept ONLY online submission of PDF files in the ACM SIGCHI

format (http://www.sigchi.org/publications/chipubform). ACM copyright area

should be left blank. Please visit the submission page

http://hai-conference.net/hai2017/submission for more details on
preparations for paper



All submitted paper will be reviewed by at least three reviewers and will

receive a meta review for quality assurance. Papers will be evaluated on

the basis of research originality, excellence, significance and relevance

to HAI. We also invite position papers, preliminary (but high impact)

studies, and concept papers.



*** Organising Committee ***



* Honorary Chair: Gerhard Sagerer, Bielefeld University, Germany


* General Co-Chairs:

  Britta Wrede, Bielefeld University, Germany

  Yukie Nagai Osaka University, Japan


* Local Chairs

  Lars Schillingmann, Bielefeld University, Germany

  Andreas Kipp, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Financial Chair

  Franz Kummert, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Program Chairs

  Takanori Komatsu, Meiji University, Japan

  Marc Hanheide, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

  Lorenzo Natale, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy


* Publication Chair

  Patrick Holthaus, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Poster Chair

  Andreas Kipp, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Publicity Chairs

  Kazunori Terada, Gifu University, Japan

  Alessandra Sciutti, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy


* Workshop Chair

  Kirsten Bergmann, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Sponsorship Chair

  Sebastian Wrede, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Registration Chair

  Birte Carlmeyer, Bielefeld University, Germany


* Web Chair

  Lars Schillingmann, Bielefeld University, Germany




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