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I don’t remember that talk, but I do remember a talk from that period that she gave at Rockefeller, where I was a grad student (1973-1979).  The most memorable point was her truth-said-in-jest about how little we know about masking and adaptation – that if it really were a matter of spatial-frequency channels, then  a point should be a universal masker – since it has power at all spatial frequencies.


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Does anyone remember an ARVO talk by Naomi Weisstein in 1977 on moving phantom gratings (see below), on the top floor of the Holiday Inn in Sarasota, I believe. I am writing a chapter on the effect she presented and I hope to find others who were there and who remember the moment.

The results in the talk were also reported the article cited below, an extension of work by Tynan and Sekuler, adding a motion aftereffect test, and — this is the point of the chapter — an illusion of seeing a completed texture in the occluded central gap. She presented a movie, which I have, but the effect has not been replicated on video equipment.

Any memories would be appreciated.

Patrick Cavanagh

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Weisstein, N., Maguire, W. & Berbaum, K. (1977). A Phantom-Motion Aftereffect. Science, 198, 955-958.
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