[visionlist] [cvnet] 1977 ARVO talk by Naomi Weisstein

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Sat May 27 12:13:48 -05 2017

Hi Jeff,

   The vertical stripes of black and texture all move together and the bars are seen completed across and in front of the horizontal occluding stripe. This is the moving phantom grating. Some people, including the subjects reported in the Weisstein, Maguire, and Bernbaum Science paper, report seeing the texture continue across the black occluder, not just the in-phase light and dark which is the effect first reported by Tynan and Sekuler.

   There are several later papers on the basic moving phantom grating by Kitaoka, Gyoba, Sakurai, Meng, Tong, Brown, and others, but no subsequent reports of the texture completion. Hmmm.


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