[visionlist] [workshop @ ICCV 2017] 1st 3D facial tracking in-the-wild challenge

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Thu Jun 22 03:40:02 -05 2017

Call For Participation:

1st 3D facial tracking in-the-wild challenge
in conjunction with ICCV 2017
Contact: menpo.3d.challenge at gmail.com


We are pleased to announce the first 3D facial tracking challenge, in
conjunction with ICCV 2017.

Currently comprehensive benchmarks exist for facial landmark localisation
and tracking (e.g. 300W <https://ibug.doc.ic.ac.uk/resources/300-W/>, 300VW
<https://ibug.doc.ic.ac.uk/resources/300-VW/>, Menpo Benchmark
Nevertheless, there exists no benchmark for 3D facial landmark tracking in
long in-the-wild videos. In ICCV'17 we present a new benchmark for 3D
landmark localization in videos.

All researchers with interest in the subject are encouraged to participate.


   - 17 June:     Release of training data.
   - 30 July:      Release of test videos.
   - 9 August:   Deadline for returning the results.
   - 16 August: Deadline for paper submissions.
   - 25 August: Submission of the camera ready.

You can find further details about the challenge at

>  http://bit.ly/2szZTCb

*You can also subscribe in the form for future announcements about new
competitions here: https://goo.gl/forms/Xfp0hHH5oXJAbN2S2
<https://goo.gl/forms/Xfp0hHH5oXJAbN2S2> .*
We are looking forward for your submission!

The Organisers
The 'Menpo 3D challenge' organisers
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