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Jeremy Wilmer jeremy.wilmer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 07:59:49 -05 2017

Hi All,

I wonder if you might have handy - or know where I could find - good raw
S&P data? I am willing to take *anything* that I can weave into a
discussion of anything in either of my two favorite S&P textbooks
(Goldstein & Wolfe).

The background is that I am looking to weave a lot more working-with-data
into my S&P class (planning to use R, including Shiny web apps,
learnr/rmarkdown based web tutorials, maybe some server-based R Studio...so
the students will have easy access to all of R's awesome visualization and
analysis capabilities).

The idea here is that the students read the text chapter and examine the
figure in the chapter, then they do a brief demo to get a flavor of the
paradigm, then they get unleashed on the actual data...the latter builds
their data skills and deepens their understanding of the text/figure.

To make this work, I need good raw data for a range of classic S&P effects
(the sorts of effects that one would find in a textbook). I AM planning to
have students collect data on themselves where it makes sense to do so. But
there are limits to how many hours I can ask students to participate in
experiments, to the sorts of experiments one can run via a web browser, and
to the inferences that can be drawn from 5 minutes of data collection on
each of 30 participants.

So I am looking to broaden and deepen the students' data experience beyond
the (wonderful but) limited data experiences that are enabled via 5 minutes
of button-pressing from 30 college student participants for the subset of
paradigms that translate well onto the web!

Many thanks for any data or ideas you may have, and I am more than happy to
compile and share things back with the community if we get some good

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