[visionlist] Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge

Giorgos Tolias toliageo at cmp.felk.cvut.cz
Mon Feb 5 09:53:05 -05 2018

Call for Participation

Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge

We invite participation in the Google Landmark Recognition and Retrieval 
Challenges hosted by Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge 
(Landmarks) workshop in conjunction with CVPR’18 at Salt Lake City, UT, 
USA. The goal of these challenges is to foster research in large-scale 
landmark recognition and image retrieval. Today, a great obstacle to 
research in these fields is the lack of large annotated datasets. We 
present the largest worldwide dataset for these tasks to date. The 
recognition track challenges participants to build models that recognize 
the correct landmark in a dataset of challenging test images. In the 
retrieval track, participants are expected to retrieve images containing 
the same landmark. The top-ranking teams will be invited to present 
their methods at Landmarks workshop at CVPR’18.

The challenges are hosted on Kaggle:

Recognition track:

Retrieval track:

For both challenges, Google supports cash prize!
- 1st place: $1,250
- 2nd place: $750
- 3rd place: $500

- Challenge Launch: 2/2/2018
- Challenge Deadline: 5/22/2018
- Workshop: held with CVPR’18

Bohyung Han (POSTECH; bhhan at postech.ac.kr), Andre Araujo (Google; 
andrearaujo at google.com), Shih-Fu Chang (Columbia University), Ondrej 
Chum (Czech Technical University), Torsten Sattler (ETHZ), Jack Sim 
(Google), Giorgos Tolias (Czech Technical University), Tobias Weyand 
(Google), Xu Zhang (Columbia University)

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