[visionlist] Call for Papers Journal of Vision special issue on Prediction in Perception and Action

Karl Gegenfurtner Karl.R.Gegenfurtner at psychol.uni-giessen.de
Wed May 2 02:55:55 -05 2018

Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce a Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Journal of Vision on Prediction in Perception and Action.

Prediction is not just an essential mechanism enabling humans to prepare for future events, but a necessity for dealing with present events, given the unavoidable delays in sensorimotor processing. This is especially important in a dynamically changing world, which requires rapid and accurate responses to external stimuli. Predictive mechanisms work on different time scales and at various information processing stages. They allow us to anticipate the future state of the environment and the consequences of our own actions. They are instrumental to compensate for noise and delays in the transmission of neural signals and allow us to distinguish external events from the sensory consequences of our own actions. Impairments in predictive function can lead to a wide range of problems not just in basic sensorimotor processing, but also for higher mental functions. While it is unquestionable that predictions play a fundamental role in perception and action, their underlying mechanisms and neural basis are still poorly understood.

This Special Issue seeks to integrate recent findings from psychophysics, sensorimotor control, and electrophysiology to update our current understanding of predictive mechanisms in different sensory and motor systems. Papers will be featured which report findings on predictive mechanisms in perception and action, from behavior to neurons and from laboratory tasks to virtual and real world scenarios.       

Submissions to the Special Issue will open on May 15, 2018 and remain open until October 15, 2018 to allow full development of novel work. Papers will be published immediately upon acceptance.

Special Issue Editors:

	Katja Fiehler, Giessen University, Germany
	Mary Hayhoe, University of Texas, Austin, USA
	Miriam Spering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
	Eli Brenner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
	Karl Gegenfurtner, Giessen University, Germany

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