[visionlist] Postdoc in Visual Neuroscience at UT Austin

Ian Nauhaus inauhaus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 11:17:05 -05 2018

The Nauhaus Lab at UT Austin is seeking applications for a postdoc
position in visual neuroscience. The position is available
immediately, but start time is flexible.

The lab's overall goal is to understand how visual cortical circuits
integrate parallel pathways to extract complex features in the
environment. NIH funding for this specific job opening is to study how
spatial-temporal-chromatic information in the rodent retina is
transformed within V1 and higher cortical areas. However, there is
flexibility for the postdoc's preferred area of study. The postdoc
will have the opportunity to learn multiple cutting-edge optical and
genetic methods to test hypotheses about cortical function.

To be considered, the candidate must have performed neural recordings
and analyzed their data with computational rigor. The preferred
candidate will also have experience with genetic approaches to
functional characterization of neural circuits.

The Nauhaus Lab is part of the Center for Perceptual Systems
(www.cps.utexas.edu) at UT Austin, which offers a highly collaborative
and interdisciplinary environment to study the brain at multiple
scales. Austin is widely considered one of the most lively, beautiful,
and friendly cities in the US.

If interested, please send me (inauhaus at gmail.com) your CV and the
contact information of 2-to-3 advisers. We should also meet at SfN if
you are there.

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