[visionlist] CVR June 10-13, 2019. International Conference Predictive Vision

Patrick Cavanagh patrick at wjh.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 16 17:21:09 -05 2018

                          Conference web site: http://www.cvr.yorku.ca/conference2019 <http://www.cvr.yorku.ca/conference2019>
Vision is predictive, allowing us to react to changing situations in a timely manner. Catching a ball, locking gaze on a moving target, tracking a person’s intentions, all require understanding a trajectory of change and predicting the outcome. This theme is a focus of research in several fields and each session of this conference spans three of them: human vision, computer/computational vision, and visual neuroscience. This conference is held every two years and is now co-organized and supported by our CFREF-funded Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) program. 

Monday, June 10

Session 1. Moving targets, moving sensors : eyes and cameras.
             Chairs: Patrick Cavanagh and Michael Brown
             Speakers: Julie Golomb, Tirin Moore, Chris Pack,Yasu Furukawa.

Session 2. Concurrent predictions across streams and modalities.
            Chairs: Denise Henriques and Ingo Fruend
            Speakers: Mary Hayhoe, Jackie Gottlieb, Antonio Torralba, Heiner Deubel

Opening Reception 5 to 7pm.

Tuesday, June 11

Session 3. Attention and recurrent processes.
            Chairs: John Tsotsos and Maz Fallah
            Speakers: Rufin VanRullen, Sabine Kastner, John Reynolds, Rich Zemel

Poster Session and catered lunch

Session 4. Analyses of human actions and activities.
            Chairs: Rick Wildes and Rob Allison
            Speakers: Angelika Lingnau, Peter Thier, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Leonid Sigal

Wednesday, June 12

Session 5. Visually guided control.
Chairs: Doug Crawford and Michael Jenkin
             Pierre-Michel Bernier, Katja Fiehler, Alexander Gail, Angela Schoellig

Session 6.  VISTA Industrial Partners afternoon session
Chairs: Shayna Rosenbaum and Jennifer Teague
Brief talks and demonstrations of Partners’ equipment and software 

Thursday, June 13

Session 7. Scene dynamics.
	     Chairs: Jennifer Steeves and James Elder
            Speakers: Jim Little, David Whitney, Dan Kersten, Russell Epstein

Keynote address 4pm: Jim DiCarlo, MIT
Reception and BBQ Banquet, Pioneer Village
For information contact: Irit  Printz  cvr at yorku.ca <mailto:cvr at yorku.ca>

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