[visionlist] [MDPI J.Imaging] Special Issue "Advanced Surveillance Based on Deep Learning"

Cosimo Distante cosimo.distante at cnr.it
Tue Sep 4 05:00:18 -05 2018


Dear Colleagues,
The focus of this Special Issue is advanced surveillance using deep learning. The list of topics of interest includes, but is not limited to:

Sensor-Centric Processing:

Sensors (visible/infrared/3D/mm wave/audio/radio, etc.)
Ground, airborne, satellite-based (fixed/mobile /UAV)
Crowdsourcing (cellular/social networks)
Calibration and positioning (GPS, etc.)
Communications and networked sensing
Distributed Camera Networks and Smart Cameras
Participatory Sensing
Processing, Detection, Tracking, and Recognition:

Modelling and feature selection
Detection and estimation (change/motion/anomaly/saliency/pattern)
Data association and (multi-)target tracking
Classification and recognition
Multi-modal fusion
Security and Privacy

Data authenticity
Privacy in surveillance
Biometrics (standoff, multi-modal, voice, etc.)
Cybersecurity for surveillance (wireless, network, computer)
Advanced Biometrics at a Distance
Surveillance Systems and Applications

Hardware and software architectures
Research prototypes
Civilian, industrial, and military
Transportation (road, rail, air, maritime)
Performance evaluation
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