[visionlist] Workshop @AIC Lisbon 2018: Seeing colours in paintings – what can we learn from vision science

Sérgio Nascimento smcn at fisica.uminho.pt
Wed Sep 12 08:54:15 -05 2018

*Seeing colours in paintings – what can we learn from vision science*

*Workshop 25th September, 3 pm – 6 pm, AIC Lisbon 2018*


*Organizers: Sérgio Nascimento & Anya Hurlbert*

Vision scientists have always had much to learn from visual art.
Understanding why artists deploy particular configurations of colour and
form and how particular paintings elicit aesthetic and cognitive responses
gives valuable insight into how human vision works. Recently, precise
quantitative studies of colours in paintings have revealed regularities
that may have implications for their perceived beauty. Empirical studies
have also shown that the spectral and spatial properties of lighting on
paintings affects their aesthetic and emotional impact. This workshop will
bring together vision scientists and museum specialists to discuss these
issues and how their knowledge may be used to improve the viewer’s
experience of art.

*1. Colours of paintings – what and how important are they?*

Sérgio Nascimento, University of Minho, Portugal

*2. How illumination colour in and on paintings influences their

Anya Hurlbert, Newcastle University, England, United Kingdom

*3. Natural expectations when looking at colour in art *

Christoph Witzel, Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen, Abteilung Allgemeine
Psychologie, Giessen, Germany

*4. High quality art illumination at Vatican Museums*

Mourad Boulouednine, Osram

*5. Painting by numbers, Methodical colour application in early modern

Lisa Wiersma, Utrecht University

*6. Colour in medieval architecture and sculpture*

Jorge Rodrigues, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


*Location: Building 5 – Room 5.0.11, Faculdade de Arquitectura da ULisboa,
Pólo Universitário da Ajuda, Rua Sá Nogueira, 1349‐063 Lisboa*
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