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Subject: [cvnet] postdoc in modeling of fMRI data
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We are looking for a post-doctoral research associate in the area of
mathematical modeling of fMRI data. The primary goal of the project is to
model changes in the BOLD signal in order to infer what changes in the
underlying neural populations drive those voxel-level changes. The idea is
to develop a mathematical technique that can extract information at the
level of neural sub-populations from the voxel-level BOLD signal. The
method is based on measuring voxel tuning then manipulating that tuning
with factors like stimulus contrast, attention, perceptual learning, and
then modeling changes in BOLD across the two levels of that factor. There
is also scope for studies more focused on hypothesis-testing/cognition,
e.g., investigating the neural/behavioral mechanisms of attention,
perceptual learning, etc. The post-doc would be based at *UMass Amherst*
working with *Dave Huber and** Rosie Cowell*, but would have the
opportunity to collaborate with the laboratories of *John Serences** at *
*UCSD* (developing/exploiting cutting edge fMRI methods) and *Earl Miller**
at **MIT* (working with previously-collected electrophysiological data).

Expressions of interest should be sent to Rosie Cowell and Dave Huber (
rcowell at psych.umass.edu <rcowell at umass.edu>, dehuber at psych.umass.edu
<dehuber at umass.edu>) along with a CV.

Rosie A. Cowell, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tobin Hall Room 431 | rcowell at umass.eduhttp://people.umass.edu/cmap-lab/
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