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         WHICH IS WHICH?

     Evaluation of local descriptors for image
         matching in real-world scenarios

                  a contest at the
18th International Conference on Computer Analysis
          of Images and Patterns (CAIP 2019)
        Salerno, Italy, September 3-5, 2019

 >>>>>>> http://cvg.dsi.unifi.it/wisw.caip2019 <<<<<<<

            Important Dates

   March 21, 2019 - dataset online
   March 28, 2019 - submission deadline
   April 15, 2019 - results online

This contest is devoted to image matching using local image descriptors.
In order to test descriptor effectiveness for real-world scenarios, we
have built an image pair dataset including non-trivial transformations
induced by relevant viewpoint changes with respect to either planar or
non-planar scenes. The evaluation metrics will be based on the exact
overlap error for the planar case, and on a patch-wise approximation
to it for the non-planar case.

Participants will be able to download the local image patches from which
to extract descriptors. The matched descriptor pairs, formatted according
to the submission instructions, will be sent for evaluation to the official
e-mail of the contest. Results will be published online within two weeks
after the deadline. The most interesting descriptors will be selected for
possible publication in the forthcoming Special Issue "Local Image 
in Computer Vision" of the international journal IET COMPUTER VISION.

Fabio Bellavia and Carlo Colombo
Computational Vision Group
University of Florence, Italy

Contact - wisw.caip2019 at gmail.com
Webpage - http://cvg.dsi.unifi.it/wisw.caip2019
PDF flyer - http://cvg.dsi.unifi.it/cvg/img/wisw.caip2019_flyer.pdf

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