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Mark Lescroart mlescroart at unr.edu
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Our department is looking into a new MR-compatible eye tracker, and we are considering the Vpixx TrackPixx or the SR Research EyeLink 1000. I have experience with the EyeLink, but not with he TrackPixx - can anyone here speak to the quality of data from the TrackPixx, or share any relevant experiences? (for example, does the noise in the two systems differ as a function of gaze position, is the built-in gaze estimation software better in one than the other, is the illuminant easier to position or the camera easier to focus for one vs the other, etc). As far as I have heard, the principal benefit of the TrackPixx is its integration with the Vpixx ProPixx projector - the combination of the two allows very low-latency gaze-contingent displays. This is not currently a high priority for our department. We are principally looking to monitor fixation near the center of a display, with as little noise as possible. For such a simple use profile, is there a meaningful difference between the two systems?

Any information would be much appreciated.


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