[visionlist] postdoctoral position on multi-photon imaging in macaque monkeys (NeuroSpin, France)

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Wed Jul 24 05:50:28 -04 2019

Dear all,

My lab at NeuroSpin (CEA, Saclay) has an opportunity for a postdoctoral
position to work on a project funded by ANR JCJC: “Dissecting the cortical
mechanisms of selective attention using multi-photon imaging in non-human


The overall aim of the project it to better understand the role and
detailed mechanisms of cortical feedback to early visual areas. Towards
that goal, we will use a carefully designed feature-based attentional task
in combination with a state-of-the-art 2- and 3-photon microscope that is
suitable for imaging in awake and behaving macaque monkeys. The setup has
been separately funded by the CEA and a SESAME 2017 grant from the
Île-de-France region.


The ideal candidate is an independent and self-driven postdoctoral fellow
that has a neuroscience background, engineering as well as computational
skills (Matlab and/or Python), and experience with behavioral training of
non-human primates.

*Work environment*

The ‘van Kerkoerle lab’ currently consists of a postdoc, a PhD student, and
two research technicians. It is part of the ‘Primate cognition and
consciousness’ team which is part of the ‘Unité de recherche en
Neuroimagerie Cognitive’ under the direction of Stanislas Dehaene at
NeuroSpin. The multi-photon imaging facility is part of the Deep Imaging
Platform (DIP), which is intended to foster collaborations between
NeuroSpin and the neighboring NeuroPSI, as well as the Laboratory of Optics
and Biosciences (LOB) at the nearby Ecole Polytechnique. The goal of the
DIP is to combine the world-renown expertise in cognitive neuroscience at
NeuroSpin with the advanced know-how of cellular imaging at NeuroPSI, and
the development of state-of-the-art imaging tools at LOB.


The funding is for 3 years (full-time) and is handled by the CEA, the
former atomic agency of France, which is a company with corresponding
salaries and employee benefits.


Interested candidates should send a CV and a motivation letter to Timo van
Kerkoerle (timo.vankerkoerle at cea.fr). Evaluation of candidates will begin
immediately, and continue until the position is filled.

Thank you for spreading the news!

All the best,


Timo van Kerkoerle, PhD
Principal investigator
Head of the Deep Imaging Platform
Neurospin, CEA Saclay
Bâtiment 145 Point Courrier 156
Gif/Yvette Cedex
91191 France
Phone#: +33 (0)1 69 08 35 95
email address: timo.vankerkoerle at cea.fr

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