[visionlist] Cognitive Neuroscience Research positions in Coimbra Portugal - open call for 2020.

Jorge Almeida jorgecbalmeida at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 11:01:48 -04 2019

The Proaction Laboratory (Jorge Almeida's lab; proactionlab.fpce.uc.pt) at
the University Coimbra Portugal is looking for Researchers at different
levels of their career from newly phd graduates, to assistant, associate or
full level researchers to be part of the lab in a joint competitive
application to a Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) independent researcher

The applicants should have an interest on cognitive neuroscience, vision
science and preferably (but not limited to) object recognition, conceptual
processing, and action and perception. We are particularly interested in
motivated and independent Researchers addressing these topics with strong
expertise in behavioral, neuromodulation and/or EEG approaches (in
particular Multivariate EEG decoding, and EEG/fMRI multimodal approaches).
Good programming skills, great communication and mentoring skills, and a
great command of English are a plus.

The applicant and the lab will work on a competitive project to be
submitted. Results from the application are expected to be out in
October/November 2020. The application deadline is around February/March.

The positions are as independent researchers in the Proaction Lab, are for
6 years, and the salary is the same as the Portuguese payroll for
University Professors (net values for junior, assistant, associate
positions, for instance are approximately 1500, 1900 and 2100 euros per
month in a 14 month salary per year; these are competitive salaries for the
cost of living in Portugal and especially in Coimbra).

The Proaction Lab is currently very well funded as we have a set of
on-going funded projects including a Starting Grant ERC to Jorge Almeida
and several FCT projects. We have access to a 3T MRI scanner with a
64-channel coil (with EEG inside the scanner), to tDCS, and to a fully
set psychophysics lab. We have EEG and eyetracking on site. We also have a
science communication office dedicated to the lab.

Finally, the University of Coimbra is a 700 year old University and has
been selected as a UNESCO world Heritage site. Coimbra is one of the most
lively university cities in the world, and it is a beautiful city with easy
access to the beach and mountain.

The deadline for this pre-application is January 20, but you should apply
as soon as you can - the sooner the better so that we can prepare the
application. If interested send an email to jorgecbalmeida at gmail.com, with
a CV, and motivation/scientific proposal letter. If there is a fit, we will
jointly apply to these positions.
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