[visionlist] Ph.D. student / Postdoc position in machine learning with spiking neurons at University of Bremen, Germany

David Rotermund davrot at neuro.uni-bremen.de
Mon Aug 30 07:08:16 -04 2021

tl;dr: You looked at our paper Back-Propagation Learning in Deep 
Spike-By-Spike Networks ( 
https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fncom.2019.00055/full ) and 
thought "Interesting idea but I can improve that!" then you may want to 
tell us your idea... You could end up working on it as a Ph.D. student / 
Postdoc for the next three years in Bremen, Germany.


The Computational Neuroscience group of Klaus Pawelzik invites 
applications for an open Ph.D. student / Postdoc position (E13 TV-L 100% 
for 3 years; all genders welcome) in the project "Efficient 
Implementation of Spike-by-Spike Neural Networks using Stochastic and 
Approximative Techniques". We are looking for a person with a strong 
background in mathematics, programming, and machine learning as well as 
an intense interest in neuroscience. Someone who is not afraid of 
cooperating with engineers, since this is a joint project with a focus 
on hardware development.

The overarching goal of our project is to improve the efficiency of 
spiking artificial neural networks using hardware and algorithmic 
approximation techniques. Specifically, the project focuses on 
Spike-by-Spike networks since they offer a balance between computational 
requirements and biological-realism which keeps the advantages of the 
biological networks while enabling a compact technical realization. To 
fully take advantage of the unique features of SbS in terms of 
robustness and sparseness, dedicated hardware architectures are required.

You would join in with numerical simulations, theoretical analyses, as 
well as through the development of new ideas and approaches for boosting 
the performance and capabilities of the Spike-By-Spike model. 
Furthermore, you would also work on combining Spike-By-Spike networks 
with non spiking deep neuronal networks into hybrid models.

The details can be found at 

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