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IMT Nord Europe & University of Lille will organize a free online short course on “Deep Learning for Three-dimensional (3D) Humans” offered through the International Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy (AIDA). 

The purpose of this course is to overview the foundations and the current state of the art in deep learning techniques for 3D human shape analysis.

The success of deep learning in computer vision and image analysis, speech recognition, and natural language processing has driven the recent interest in developing similar models for 3D geometric data. However, it is less obvious how using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) architectures can be adapted to 3D data, given in the form of point clouds or meshes, where a regular structure is not directly available. The purpose of this course is to overview the foundations and the current state of the art in deep learning techniques for 3D shape analysis. This short course will cover the following topics:

– Fundamentals of differential geometry of surfaces.

– Classical methods for 3D shape analysis.

– Deep learning for 3D data: basic concepts of deep learning; extending CNN to 3D data;

– Generative methods for 3D data, autoencoders and GAN methods for 3D data.


The targeted applications will be in 3D face and body shape analysis.



- Mohamed Daoudi,  <mailto:mohamed.daoudi at imt-nord-europe.fr> mohamed.daoudi at imt-nord-europe.fr

- Juan-Carlos Alvarez-Paiva

- Naima Otberdout

- Emery Pierson


ORGANIZER: IMT Nord Europe & University of Lille


REGISTRATION: Free of charge. 


WHEN: Monday 17th  January 2022 from 09:00 to 17.00 CET

WHERE: Online


If you are an AIDA Student* already, please 

Step (a) register in the course by filling the following  form  <https://forms.gle/NW6sW4DacqsTm5XeA> https://forms.gle/NW6sW4DacqsTm5XeA 


Step (b) enroll in the same course in the AIDA system ( <https://www.i-aida.org/course/deep-learning-for-three-dimensional-3d-humans/> https://www.i-aida.org/course/deep-learning-for-three-dimensional-3d-humans/), so that this course enter your AIDA Course Attendance Certificate.


If you are not an AIDA Student do only step (a).


*AIDA Students should have been registered in the AIDA system already (they are PhD students or PostDocs that belong only to the 67 AIDA Members listed in this page:  <https://www.i-aida.org/about/members/> https://www.i-aida.org/about/members/)


Prof. M. Daoudi

IMT Nord Europe"

Mohamed Daoudi                                                            
Professor IMT Lille Douai
CRISTAL (UMR CNRS 9189), (Centre de recherche en informatique, signal et automatique de  Lille)
Adresse : IMT Lille Douai, Rue Guglielmo Marconi, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq
Page personnelle :  
 <http://pagesperso.telecom-lille.fr/daoudi/> http://pagesperso.telecom-lille.fr/daoudi/,   <http://www.cristal.univ-lille.fr/~daoudi> http://www.cristal.univ-lille.fr/~daoudi         
 <mailto:mohamed.daoudi at imt-lille-douai.fr> E-mail : mohamed.daoudi at imt-lille-douai.fr

Associate  Editor Image and Vision Computing
Associate  Editor IEEE Transactions On Multimedia
Associate Editor Journal of Imaging
Associate Computer Vision and Image Understanding
IAPR Fellow



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