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Dear All

* Apologies for cross posting*

The *Center for Robotics and Neural Systems* (CRNS) is pleased to announce
the talk of *Dr. Rachid Alami* who is a research director and team leader
at the *National Center for Scientific Research* (CNRS), France on
Wednesday, February 9th from *11:00 am* to *12:30* *pm* (*London time*)
over *Zoom*.

>> *Events*: The CRNS talk series will cover a wide range of topics
including social and cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience,
computational linguistics, cognitive vision, machine learning and AI, and
applications to autism. More details are available here:


>> *Link for the next event (No Registration is Required)*:

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>> *Title of the talk*:  Models and Decisional issues for Human-Robot Joint


This talk will address some key decisional issues that are necessary for a
cognitive and interactive robot which shares space and tasks with humans.
We adopt a constructive approach based on the identification and the
effective implementation of individual and collaborative skills. The system
is comprehensive since it aims at dealing with a complete set of abilities
articulated so that the robot controller is effectively able to conduct in
a flexible and fluent manner a human-robot joint action seen as a
collaborative problem solving and task achievement. These abilities include
geometric reasoning and situation assessment based essentially on
perspective-taking and affordances, management and exploitation of each
agent (human and robot) knowledge in a separate cognitive model,
human-aware task planning and interleaved execution of shared plans. We
will also discuss the key issues linked to the pertinence and the
acceptability by the human of the robot behaviour, and how this influence
qualitatively the robot decisional, planning, control and communication

>> If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,



*Dr. Amir Aly*

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Center for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics

Room B332, Portland Square, Drake Circus, PL4 8AA

University of Plymouth, UK
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