[visionlist] Teaching Faculty Position at The University of Minnesota

Stephen Engel engel at umn.edu
Sat Feb 19 13:30:10 -04 2022

Dear CVNet,

We are trying to get decent color calibration (i.e. a table/function 
from [r,g,b] to cie, cones, or some other standard color space) on an 
old dlp projector (NEC NP4100) with a 4-color wheel. The problem is 
challenging because the projector appears to add white in varying 
amounts to colors in an internally determined way (and we cant find a 
setting to turn that off).  We found an old reference or two on the 
problem, but thought CVNet might have updated knowledge. So...

Anyone have tips on how to calibrate a 4-color wheel DLP device?


Steve Engel
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