[visionlist] [Conferences] Call for Papers: RO-MAN 2022 Special Session on "Nonverbal Communication Skills in Humans and Robots"

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to cordially invite you to submit a paper to our special
session on "*Nonverbal Communication Skills in Humans and Robots*" for
the 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive
Communication (RO-MAN 2022). Please find the description below:



*Special Session on Nonverbal Communication Skills in Humans and Robots *

within the 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human
Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2022)

Napoli, Italy, August 28- September 2, 2022


Submission code: *ujcjj*

Special session website: https://nonverbal-communication-skills.github.io/



We are approaching a future where social robots will progressively become
widespread in many aspects of our daily lives, including education,
healthcare, work, and personal use. All such practical applications require
that humans and robots collaborate in human environments, where social
interaction is unavoidable. Along with verbal communication, successful
social interaction is closely coupled with nonverbal communication. Humans
perform nonverbal communication in an instinctive and adaptive way, with no
effort. For robots to be successful in our social landscape, they should
therefore engage in social interactions in a human-like manner, with
increasing levels of autonomy. Understanding human-human interaction is
therefore the most natural guide to designing human-robot interaction
interfaces that can be usable and understandable by everyone. The key aim
of this special session is to bring forth efforts to understand mechanisms
underlying human-human nonverbal communication and introduce novel
approaches to the design, development, and evaluation of robotic platforms
inspired and driven by those mechanisms. This special session will bring
together researchers with diverse backgrounds, ranging from social
psychology, cognitive science, machine learning, computer vision, and
human-robot interaction, to share innovative ideas, findings, and
challenges related to nonverbal communication skills in humans and robots.
The special session will foster multidisciplinary discussions among
academic and industrial researchers towards improving robots’ nonverbal
communication skills and enhancing human trust and acceptance of robots.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Analysis and synthesis of multimodal nonverbal cues, including facial
expressions, paralinguistics, eye gaze, head movements, body postures, and
hand gestures within an interaction context.

- Analysis and synthesis of affective states, such as emotions, empathy,
personality, and engagement.

- Co-modelling of nonverbal and verbal cues.

- Co-speech gesture generation.

- Machine learning approaches to nonverbal communication analysis and

- Societal and ethical considerations of cognitive and social robots,
including transparency, bias, fairness, and privacy.

- Applications of cognitive and social robots in healthcare, education,
workplace, or entertainment.

- Databases and tools for nonverbal communication analysis and synthesis.


Manuscripts submitted to this special session should be done through the
paper submission website of the main conference:

All papers submitted to special sessions will be subject to the same
peer-review procedure as the regular papers. The accepted papers will be
included in the conference proceeding published in the IEEE Xplore. Please
refer to the main conference website to have additional details.

Authors should adhere the following steps for submitting a paper to this
special session:

1. Create an account: go to https://ras.papercept.net/
create a PIN and fill out the form. Ask all your co-authors to do the same
if they do not have an account on the system yet, write down the authors'
PINs (this information is needed for manuscript processing purposes).

2. Go to Support Menu (
) and depending on how you are preparing your paper, download a
template: LaTeX or MS-Word, use these templates/style files to create the
paper and save in PDF format.

3. Upload the paper: go to https://ras.papercept.net/
and click
on "submit a contribution to Ro-Man 2022".

4. Submit special session paper.

5. Make sure to insert the code of this special session: *ujcjj *.

6. Fill in the form presented on the next page (make sure to enter all
author PINs created in Step 1).


*Oya Celiktutan*, King’s College London, United Kingdom

*Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen*, King’s College London, United Kingdom

*Marine Chamoux*, SoftBank Robotics Europe, France

*Alexandra Georgescu*, King’s College London, United Kingdom

*Mutlu Cukurova*, University College London, United Kingdom

*Pierre Lison*, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway

*Ho Seok Ahn*, University of Auckland, New Zealand


On behalf of the Organisers,

Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen
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