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Dear All

* *Apologies for cross-posting* *

The* Center for Robotics and Neural Systems* (CRNS) is pleased to announce
the talk of *Dr. **Harold Soh* from the* National University of Singapore
(NUS)* - Singapore on Wednesday, *May 4th *from *11:00 am *to *12:30
pm* (*London
time*) over *Zoom*.

>> *Events*: The CRNS talk series will cover a wide range of topics
including social and cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience,
computational linguistics, cognitive vision, machine learning, AI, and
applications to autism. More details are available here:


>> *Link for the next event (No Registration is Required)*:

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>> *Title of the talk*:  Human Models for Trust and Communication


At CLeAR, we believe human models are crucial for fluent human-robot
collaboration. When coupled with planning/learning, human models enable
robots to display intelligent interactive behavior. However, crafting good
human models remains difficult. In this talk, we’ll discuss facets of human
modeling, starting with our efforts in capturing human trust in the robot.
We’ll discuss a perspective that views trust as function learning and the
impact this has in multi-task scenarios. Next, we will cover MIRROR, a new
approach to quickly learn human models that are useful for (communication)
planning. MIRROR is inspired by social projection theory, which
hypothesizes that humans use self-models to understand others. In a similar
manner, MIRROR leverages robot self-models learned using RL to bootstrap
human modeling. We will examine how MIRROR performs relative to
state-of-the-art methods using simulations and a human-subjects study.
Finally, we’ll discuss how MIRROR can be extended towards real-time
human-robot collaboration, and take a broader perspective of the challenges
and opportunities that lie ahead.

>> If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,



*Dr. Amir Aly*

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Center for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics

Room B332, Portland Square, Drake Circus, PL4 8AA

University of Plymouth, UK
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