[visionlist] Colour and Visual Computing Symposium (CVCS 2022) and MANER School on Material Appearance

Jon Yngve Hardeberg jon.hardeberg at ntnu.no
Wed May 4 09:57:52 -04 2022

*Dear Visionlist colleagues,

I would like to inform you first that we have decided to extend the 
submission deadline for the *Colour and Visual Computing Symposium 2022* 
(CVCS 2022) to May 15th, hoping to give some of you procrastinators out 
there time to complete an excellent paper! See the attached CFP and also 
the conference website for more information: https://www.cvcs.no/.

Furthermore I am happy to give you a reason to stay a few days longer in 
Gjøvik, Norway next September; that is, the *MANER Training School 
Gjøvik 2022*, where we have put together an excellent free one week 
training program around the topic of material appearance, before, after, 
and including CVCS 2022. See the attached flier for more information and 

I would also like to remind you about the excellent (and this is indeed 
the third time I am writing that word!) lineup of keynote speakers, in 
themselves worth the trip, that is, Robert Jenssen (UiT – Arctic 
University of Norway): *"Visual Intelligence for medical image 
analysis"*, Karl Gegenfurtner (Giessen University, Germany): *"Color 
vision for objects"*, Sebastian Bosse (Fraunhofer HHI, Germany): 
*"Neural approaches to visual quality estimation"*, and William Smith 
(University of York, UK): *"Self-supervised Inverse Rendering"*.

We hope to see you soon in Gjøvik - but first: your paper submission!


Jon Yngve Hardeberg, PhD,  Professor of Colour Imaging
The Norwegian  Colour and Visual Computing  Laboratory
Department of Computer Sciencehttp://www.colourlab.no
NTNU - Norwegian University of  Science and Technology
PO Box 191, 2802 Gjøvik, Norway,jon.hardeberg at ntnu.no
Ph: +47-98216899,www.ntnu.edu/employees/jon.hardeberg
COSI EMJMD Master Program:www.master-colourscience.eu
ApPEARS ITN on appearance/3d print:www.appears-itn.eu
CHANGE ITN on imaging for heritage:www.change-itn.eu
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