[visionlist] Fully funded PhD position in systems neuroscience: Visual consciousness in mice/humans, optogenetics

Timo Stein timo at timostein.de
Thu Jul 14 03:23:36 -04 2022

*The circuit mechanisms of visual consciousness*

This project at the *University of Amsterdam* is a collaboration
between Umberto
Olcese <https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/o/l/u.olcese/u.olcese.html> and Timo
Stein <http://www.timostein.net>, testing contrasting predictions of the
major theories of consciousness on whether consciousness arises via
recurrent processing involving prefrontal cortex or within the posterior
part of the neocortex. We develop an *inter-species behavioral paradigm*
allowing us to link estimates of perceptual confidence in mice to
subjective awareness. Using *multi-area electrophysiology and optogenetics*,
we will manipulate cortical activity in mice to investigate the causal role
of different feedback projections for conscious visual perception. Results
will be validated with *psychophysics and EEG decoding *in human

The PhD student's tasks will consist in performing challenging experiments
integrating multi-area electrophysiology and optogenetics in mice trained
to perform a visual discrimination task, using advanced analysis of neural
and behavioral data, and computational modeling.

All *application details* can be found here

Application deadline: 21 August 2022


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