[visionlist] Looking for recommendations for eye trackers.

Andrew Herbert amhgss at rit.edu
Thu Sep 8 10:32:29 -04 2022

We just got an SR Research EyeLink 1000 for our department.
The sampling rate and lifetime support swayed us compared to other options.
Tobii systems are popular, probably easier to use, but don’t have the sampling rate, and they require buying support after an initial period.

The EyeLink is pretty easy to set up and get working. I have a student doing the work of actually collecting and visualizing data.


Andrew M. Herbert, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology,

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Subject: [visionlist] Looking for recommendations for eye trackers.

Hello everyone,

We would like to purchase a screen-based (strip type) eye tracker for gaze tracking that has at least 250Hz sampling rate. A device that can be used both with a laptop screen and an external monitor.

It would be great if it came with compatible software for capturing the data and analyzing it, but if it was also open-source, so that we would have access to the raw data in various exportable formats.

We've been looking into the Tobii Pro Fusion and the Tobii Pro Lab so far.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts about comparable devices and their pros/cons?

Thank you very much for your time.

Best wishes,


Michal Fux, PhD
Research Scientist, Sinha Lab
Department of Brain + Cognitive Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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