[visionlist] Looking for recommendations for eye trackers.

John Pezaris jpezaris at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 10:38:09 -04 2022

Are you looking to track adult humans, children, or monkeys?  The last
time I checked, which was about a year ago, the support for monkeys
was pending on these devices.

I have had mixed results using an earlier version of their bar
trackers with NHP, after being told they would work.

Perhaps our needs are unusual, but I've found that manufacturer
specifications are optimistic by about an order of magnitude in terms
of accuracy at the shortest latencies, because of noise.  Averaging to
reduce that noise will, of course, reduce the effective frame rate,
and often the specs do not reflect the fact that the values given are
after heavy averaging.

- J.

On 9/7/22, Michal Fux <fuxm at mit.edu> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We would like to purchase a screen-based (strip type) eye tracker for gaze
> tracking that has at least 250Hz sampling rate. A device that can be used
> both with a laptop screen and an external monitor.
> It would be great if it came with compatible software for capturing the data
> and analyzing it, but if it was also open-source, so that we would have
> access to the raw data in various exportable formats.
> We've been looking into the Tobii Pro Fusion and the Tobii Pro Lab so far.
> Would you mind sharing your thoughts about comparable devices and their
> pros/cons?
> Thank you very much for your time.
> Best wishes,
> Michal
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> Michal Fux, PhD
> Research Scientist, Sinha Lab
> Department of Brain + Cognitive Sciences
> Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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