[visionlist] Jobs at the Allen Institute: linking neuronal function, cell types, and connectivity

Anton Arkhipov antona at alleninstitute.org
Mon Oct 3 20:35:33 -04 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are hiring for multiple positions in a new ambitious project supported by the NIH U01 grant from the BICAN consortium (please see the announcement<https://www.nimh.nih.gov/news/science-news/2022/nih-brain-initiative-launches-projects-to-develop-cell-atlases-and-molecular-tools-for-cell-access>). Combining optical physiology in vivo with spatial transcriptomics and electron microscopy, we aim to link cell types of the mouse cortex with their function. The project is led by Marina Garrett (Allen Institute), Jack Waters (Allen Institute), Jerry Chen (Boston University), and Anton Arkhipov (Allen Institute).

Scientist – Imaging: The person in this position will lead experimental imaging work to utilize and improve the spatial transcriptomics platform used in this project.

Scientist – Analysis of Connectome and Functional Activity: This scientist will focus on linking the connectome and morphologies of cortical neurons to their activity in vivo, using the Electron Microscopy (EM) volume of 1 mm3 of the mouse visual cortex obtained by the Allen Institute.

Scientist - Neurophysiology Data Analysis: This scientist will focus on the analysis of the visual physiology data from 2p calcium imaging in vivo to study neural coding and circuit dynamics.

Software Engineer - Tools for Neurophysiology Data Analysis: The software engineer will build software tools and infrastructure to support processing and analysis of multi-modal image-based datasets in this project.

Scientist - Neural Data Analysis: This scientist will focus on linking the 2p calcium imaging and spatial transcriptomics modalities for individual cells, including tasks like co-registration and exploration of statistical relationships between the functional and transcriptomics types.

Please consider applying and reach out if you have any questions. And we will appreciate it if you help us spread the word about these opportunities!

Best wishes,


Anton Arkhipov
Associate Investigator
T:   206.548.8414
E: antona at alleninstitute.org<mailto:antona at alleninstitute.org>
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