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Fri Dec 2 16:57:34 -04 2022

Swansea University, department of Computer Science is accepting
applications for a fully funded PhD in artificial intelligence under the
supervision of Dr. Joseph MacInnes and Prof. Xianghua Xie.  The project is
titled “Machine Networks of Attention from HuMan Networks of Attention
(MNUH MNU)” and is scheduled to start on October 1, 2023.  Funding is
provided by EPSRC DTP and the Faculty of Science and Engineering and is
open to UK or international students.

*Project description:*

The addition of 'attention' to machine learning has recently improved many
algorithms with the potential to transform a wide range of machine learning
approaches (transformers, perceivers).  Attention, simply, allows an
algorithm to allocate more weight to input that is relevant for certain
tasks, and less weight to the irrelevant.  Attention mechanisms in machine
learning will become increasingly important as the volume of input data
increases, and even efficient algorithms will have to make informed choices
about which input should receive priority or actively inhibited.  We will
apply current theories of human attention to improve machine learning
algorithms that adjust to the goals of the agent. We will use high quality
eye tracking data in various tasks as a proxy for human attention and use
these data to inform novel attentional mechanisms for machine

The deadline for applications is Feb 1, 2023, Full project and application
details can be found at


For informal inquiries, please contact Dr. Joe MacInnes (william.macinnes
(at) swansea.ac.uk)
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