[visionlist] EduEye Workshop on Eyetracking in Learning and Education as part of ETRA conference! Call for papers!

Marian Sauter marian.sauter at uni-ulm.de
Mon Jan 23 07:56:56 -04 2023

Dear colleagues,

this June, we will the second time organize a workshop on eye tracking 
technology and methods in education and learning. At this workshop, 
attendees have the opportunity to submit and have a paper published in 
the ETRA proceedings. The workshop targets researchers and practitioners 
who are interested in the application of eye tracking in education and 
learning. We take a broad perspective on this topic and welcome 
submissions from the fields of human-computer interaction, cognitive 
psychology, computer science, eye tracking, and the learning sciences.

Check out *www.edueye.org* for details!


With its duality of being an active input technology and a passive 
sensor, eye tracking provides unique opportunities for education and 
learning. Actively, the technology can serve as an input strategy for 
interactive learning environments. Passively, it can be applied to 
observe learning states and gain a better understanding of learners' 
cognitive processes. Given its scalability, it can,  or instance, help 
to improve collaborative learning, e.g., by establishing connections 
between learners during online lectures. Teachers or lecturers can also 
gain feedback about their learning material by analyzing students' eye 
gazes. However, many open challenges remain for the application of 
mobile eye tracking in learning and educational scenarios, including 
technical constraints and privacy concerns.   This workshop specifically 
targets researchers and practitioners who are interested in using eye 
tracking in education and learning. This includes researchers from all 
areas of psychology, human-computer interaction, computer science, eye 
tracking methodology, and other related fields.

Best wishes,


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