[visionlist] Multiple ERC-funded postdoc and PhD positions in Roland Fleming's lab (Giessen)

Roland Fleming roland.w.fleming at psychol.uni-giessen.de
Thu Mar 30 11:30:50 -04 2023

Multiple postdoc and PhD positions will soon be available in Roland Fleming’s lab in the context of the ERC Advanced Grant project STUFF.  
The project spans material perception, intuitive physics, mental imagery, grasping and art.

The positions will most likely be available from Autumn 2023. If you would be interested in applying, it would be great if you could contact me in advance.

You should ideally have a background in perception or motor control, although I’ll also consider particularly strong candidates from other backgrounds.  Experience with any of the following would be a significant bonus:

- computational modelling of perceptual and/or motor processes
- machine learning, especially deep learning
- computer graphics, especially physics simulations and mesh processing
- image and movie synthesis through deep learning
- art and computational aesthetics, especially involving formal quantitative analyses of artworks
- MoCap (with or without markers)
- robotics
- fMRI

My lab specialises in the visual perception of—and motor interactions with—materials and objects. Topics include visual estimation of material properties and shape; physical reasoning and naive physics; grasping and dextrous manipulation; one-shot learning; the imagination and mental simulation; shape understanding, including perceptual organisation of shape and inferences about causal history.  Check out my lab website for more information, including articles and datasets.

My lab is situated in one of the top research environments for visual perception and sensorimotor research worldwide, with a large group of Principle Investigators and a thriving and diverse community of junior researchers working on perception and action using psychophysics, eye-, hand- and body-tracking, VR, fMRI, EEG, machine learning and other methods.  We run several large-scale research consortia, providing excellent local and international networking opportunities.  Giessen is also ideally located in the centre of western Europe, with half-a-dozen other countries a mere train-ride away.  

If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,
Roland Fleming

Prof. Roland W Fleming, FRSB
Kurt Koffka Professor of Experimental Psychology, Justus Liebig University, Giessen
Executive Director, Centre for Mind, Brain and Behaviour, Universities of Marburg and Giessen

Otto-Behaghel-Str 10, 35394 Giessen, GERMANY
tel: 0641 99-26140
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