[visionlist] [IEEE Biometrics Council]: Free Webinar on "3D Facial Mask Presentation Attack Detection" by Prof. PC Yuen

Vitomir Struc vitomir.struc at fe.uni-lj.si
Tue May 16 01:31:08 -04 2023

*** FREE ONLINE WEBINAR on Heterogeneous Face Recognition ***

The IEEE Biometrics Council invites participants to the upcoming (free) 
webinar by Prof. Pong Chi Yuen on "Remote Photoplethysmography Based 3D 
Facial Mask Presentation Attack Detection". Detail on the webinar are 
given below:

Title: Remote Photoplethysmography Based 3D Facial Mask Presentation 
Attack Detection
Speaker: Prof. Pong Chi Yuen, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
When: May 24, at 10am Hong Kong time (4 am CEST, i.e., May 23 at 9 pm 
CDT, 10pm EDT)
Where: Online (Zoom)
Registration: (free, but required): 

For details on the webinar see: 

Talk Summary: While face recognition technology has been extensive 
deployed in many practical applications, research problems related to 
face presentation attack detection (PAD) are still unsolved. The popular 
face presentation attacks include images, videos and 3D masks. Among 
these, 3D mask presentation attacks are the most challenging because 
super realistic high-quality 3D facial masks can be created at a 
reasonable cost. One of the promising approaches in addressing 3D mask 
presentation attacks is remote photoplethysmography (rPPG). In this 
talk, I will share my research journey on face presentation attack 
detection from 2016 to present. The talk will first discuss the basic 
principle of using rPPG technology for face PAD, and discuss our 
proposed rPPG-based face PAD methods. The reliability of rPPG based face 
PAD methods relies on the quality of the estimated rPPG signals. I will 
also discuss the robustness of the rPPG estimation algorithms. Some 
comments and suggestions on future research will also be given at the 
end of the talk.

About the speaker: Prof. Pong Chi Yuen is a Chair Professor in Computer 
Science and Associate Dean at Hong Kong Baptist University. He received 
his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1993 from 
The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Yuen has been involved in various 
conferences and served as the director of Croucher ASI on biometric 
authentication and biometric security and privacy. He has received the 
Outstanding Editorial Board Service Award in 2018 and served as Vice 
President of the IEEE Biometrics Council. Dr. Yuen has received the 
first and second prize Natural Science Awards from Guangdong Province 
and the Ministry of Education, China, respectively. He is a Fellow of 
IAPR and currently serves as Senior Area Editor of IEEE Transactions on 
Information Forensics and Security and Associate Editor of IEEE 
Transactions on Biometrics, Behaviour, and Identity Science.

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