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Translational Neurophysiology Post-doc positions in Ferrara, Italy
We are looking for a number of early-career researchers to fill several postdoctoral positions that will open in the coming months at the University of Ferrara (Department of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation) or the Italian Institute of Technology (Center for Translational Neurophysiology).
The work location is Ferrara, a vibrant medium-sized city northern Italy, 40 minutes from Bologna, 50 to Padua, 1 hours to Venice, and 2 hours to Milan. You’d be working in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team in which physicians, psychologists, biomedical engineers, computational scientists, physicists, chemists, and biologists collaborate, each with their own expertise, towards a shared vision.
The research group (4 full professors, 4 researchers, 2 technicians, 7 postdocs, 3-4 new PhDs each year) conducts research in the area of Neurophysiology of Speech and Sensorimotor Communication. From the development of innovative brain interfaces to advanced neural signal processing and machine learning, from speech-based communication to implicit sensorimotor coordination in healthy and neuropsychiatric or neurological populations, our goal is to develop a new understanding of how brains generate effective informational coupling and, when compromised by pathology, to devise new technologies for theranostic purposes.
The group is very well funded and has exclusive access to state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities: 1 Motion Capture Lab (e.g., Vicon, AMTI force platforms, Eyetracking, etc.), 2 noninvasive human neurophysiology Labs (e.g., 3 EEG systems, 4 TMS systems, 3 EMG systems, etc.), 2 animal neurophysiology Labs, 1 mechanical Lab, and 1 electronic Lab.
The research group has strong collaborations and authorizations to conduct data collections in clinical populations in the areas of neurosurgery (Udine Hospital, Ferrara Hospital), neurology (S. Lucia Rehabilitation Hospital in Rome, Gaslini Pediatric Hospital in Genoa, and Rehabilitation Unit of Ferrara Hospital), psychiatry (Ferrara Hospital).
We are looking for different profiles we can synthetize as follows:
-  Neurophysiological data analyst (mainly but not exclusively ECoG data)
-  Human invasive neurophysiologist (to conduct ECoG experiments)
-  Non-invasive neurophysiologist (TMS, Motion Capture and EEG data working on motor control)
-  Non-invasive neurophysiologist (TMS and EEG data working on speech)
-  Clinical researcher with a strong quantitative background (stroke patients rehabilitation)
Recent representative publications:
·     Casarotto A., et al., (2023) Mechanisms of Hebbian-like plasticity in the ventral premotor – primary motor network. J Physiol (London), 601(1), 211-226.
·     Pastore A., et al., (2022) Speech listening entails neural encoding of invisible articulatory features. Neuroimage, 264, 119724.
·     Tomassini A., et al., (2022) Interpersonal synchronization of movement intermittency. iScience, 25(4), 104096.
·     Emanuele M., et al., (2021) Motor synergies: Evidence for a novel motor signature in autism spectrum disorder. Cognition, 213, 104652.
·     Viaro R., et al., (2021) Neurons of rat motor cortex become active during both grasping execution and grasping observation. Curr Biol, 31(19), 4405-4412.
·     Delfino E., al., (2021) Prediction of Speech Onset by Micro-electrocorticography of the Human Brain. Int J Neural Syst, 31 (07), 2150025. 
·     Tomassini A., et al., (2020) Visual detection is locked to the internal dynamics of cortico-motor control. PLoS Biol, 18(10):e3000898.
·     Hilt P. M., et al., (2020) Motor recruitment during action observation: effect of interindividual differences in action strategy. Cereb Cortex, 30(7), 3910–3920.
Prof. Luciano Fadiga
luciano.fadiga at iit.it <mailto:luciano.fadiga at iit.it>
Prof. Alessandro D’Ausilio
alessandro.dausilio at iit.it <mailto:alessandro.dausilio at iit.it>
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