[visionlist] Seeking recommendations for blurring filters

Michael Bach Michael.Bach at uni-freiburg.de
Fri Jun 9 16:00:33 -04 2023

Dear Ipek:

> We are seeking recommendations for commercially available blurring filters that can be applied to a computer screen. We are interested in generating digitally vs. physically blurred versions of specific conditions.
> If any of you have experience using physical blurring techniques we would greatly appreciate your input. Filters that offer adjustable levels of blur would be of particular interest, but at the moment we are exploring various options.

Like you I needed this and searched for this over years. The best I’ve found is some sort of transparent office binder – whatever that’s called, a transparent sheet that can hold papers. There are many different ones, with widely different texture, and a few are fully up to snuff when it comes to blurring. You need to try various types. As you can see in the attached picture, there is even a way to modulate blur strength via the blur transparency's distance to screen – when it’s close to screen there’s nearly no blur; the blurring transparency here is held in a frame.

While I’m at it, a little pertient soapboxing: 

Best, Michael
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